Short Tail Copy 6-1

We present the key North American lawyers, policymakers and experts engaged in shaping cryptocurrency regulation.

Gary Gensler

Ballroom dancing chairman of the SEC

Chris Brummer

Rumored candidate for CFTC chair

Cynthia Lummis

Bitcoiner bringing crypto to the U.S. Senate

Hester 'Crypto Mom' Peirce

Crypto-friendly commissioner with the SEC

Caitlin Long

Queen of “not your keys, not your coins"

Francis Suarez

The Mayor bringing Bitcoin to Miami

Peter Van Valkenburgh

Crypto freedom fighter at CoinCenter

Jake Chervinsky

Twitter's favorite crypto lawyer

Paul Grewal

Chief Legal Officer at Coinbase

Blake Paulson

Acting Comptroller of the Currency at the OCC

Sunayna Tuteja

The Fed's very own "crypto nerd"

Hailey Lennon

Legal consultant and Twitter personality

Aaron Wright

Blending blockchain with law

Janet Yellen

The "Mary Poppins" of financial regulators

Veronica McGregor

Guiding ShapeShift through the regulatory minefield

Valerie "Crypto Czar" Szczepanik

The SEC's Director of Digital Assets

Joshua Ashley Klayman

The “Mother of Blockchains”

Christopher 'Crypto Dad' Giancarlo

Paternal crypto protector and digital dollar pioneer

Brian Brooks

Former comptroller of the (crypto) currency

Marvin Ammori

Net neutrality advocate turned DeFi defender