Hackers attacking a centralised storage server

Eliminate Digital Asset Theft

Centralised storage of private keys and authentication credentials creates the incentive for criminals to target cryptocurrency businesses.

A new approach is needed that recognises the unique requirements of businesses that deal with digital assets like cryptocurrency private keys.

The Shapeshifter Platform removes the threat created by storing digital assets and end user credentials, delivering the most stringent cyber-security through a simple premise.

Hackers can’t steal digital assets if they do not exist in whole form in one central place.

Qredo’s patented Shapeshifter security software creates a secure decentralized storage platform that stops digital asset theft, delivering the operational agility of hot wallets and greater protection than cold storage.

Shapeshifter's patented technology distributes shares of digital assets across multi-factor authenticator apps, which are further secured by removing additional slices of ciphertext through identity factors like something you have, something you know and something you are.

Only if a threshold of compliance officers successfully multi-factor authenticate will a protected digital asset be revealed in the tamper proof hardware of the Shapeshifter HSM.

RESULT: Hackers looking for digital assets inside your enterprise won’t find them, because they don’t exist in whole form in one location.

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