Published Feb 1, 2022
By Qredo Team

3 Month Deposit Staking Bonus

We’re delighted to announce a bonus auto-staking program for the next three months, February, March and April.

During this three month period, we are offering a staking reward of 20.2% APY.

How it works

  • This auto-staking bonus is available to anyone who stakes their QRDO during this period (February 1st to April 30th, 2022).

  • If you already hold QRDO in your Qredo Wallet, no action is required by you to receive this bonus.

  • Not yet holding your QRDO in a Qredo wallet? You can open a Qredo crypto wallet today, deposit your QRDO, and start enjoying this bonus reward.

  • Users can add QRDO to their Qredo crypto wallet to be staked at any time during these three months.

  • The staking return received during this period will be pro rata’d for the time your QRDO is staked. For example: If you open a Qredo Wallet and stake your QRDO on Feb 11th, you will start accruing bonus staking rewards from that date until the end of April.

  • You can withdraw your QRDO at any point during the three month period. However, such a withdrawal will forfeit any staking rewards that have accrued so far on the amount withdrawn. 

  • Also, please note that the three month staking bonus is calculated per wallet, not per Qredo account. If you transfer QRDO from one Qredo Wallet to another during the three month period, you will lose the staking rewards that have accrued for that amount. 

  • There is no limit on the amount that can be staked.

  • This bonus will be paid/credited in the first week of May.

  • No other monthly staking returns will be available during this three month period.

  • Please note staking rewards of less than 1.00 QRDO will not be paid.

QRDO Balances Staking ScenariosInitialLast day 1st monthFirst day 2nd monthLast day 2nd MonthFirst day 3rd monthLast day 3rd monthExpected estimated rewards
Scenario 110001000 100010001000100050.5
Scenario 210001100120012001200120055.55
Scenario 3100090080080070070035.35
Scenario 410001100120012001000100050.5
Scenario 51000900100010001000100047.13333333
Scenario 61000900100010001100110050.5
Scenario 710001000001000100016.83333333
Scenario 81000100050000500005000000
Scenario 900100010001000100033.66666667
Scenario 1000001000100016.83333333

“Given the positive reception to our January Super Staking Bonus, and after listening to your feedback, we’ve introduced a new bonus staking event as a thank you to our awesome community,” said Josh Goodbody, Qredo COO. “We are constantly evolving ways to support the stability and growth of QRDO, and a longer term staking programme was frequently requested.”

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