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Specie insurance directly for your organization. Hundreds of millions from the London market available for assets secured in Qredo wallets


One of the first and most comprehensive specie insurance policies offered for digital assets.


To qualify for the policy, it is necessary to have a signing scheme with at least three designated approvers. Each must be a Qredo user who can approve transactions using their own BLS Signing Key.

Amongst the highest insured limits in the industry

Up to $600 million for assets held in Qredo Wallets,
directly for your organization, with zero intermediaries.

Highest insured limits
in the industry

Qredo has no involvement as an intermediary in the coverage and the client is the only loss payee on the policy

"With this policy, Qredo can now offer clients one of the highest insured limits in the industry, with users benefiting from the London Market and the security of Qredo's market-leading distributed multi-party computation encryption."

Ben Whitby
VP Strategic Partnerships and Regulatory Affairs, Qredo

how to apply

For full details, just get in touch with the Qredo insurance team

Disclaimer: This brief and any related conversations does not constitute solicitation for insurance business by Qredo Service Ltd, its affiliates or any of its employees. This brief serves as an introduction to specialist broker who operate as a regulated insurance advisor and broker. Any placement of insurance made by a user of Qredo Network will be solely the result of advice from the broker. Qredo acting as an introducer may receive a share of any brokerage commission made as a result of such an appointment.