Protocols and Foundations

Manage treasury assets on secure distributed infrastructure. Roll out a bespoke security layer for your blockchain ecosystem.

Protect funds with decentralized security and governance

Forget about private key storage. Qredo uses a distributed implementation of multi-party computation to protect funds from cyber attacks, internal collusion, and human error.

Access financial services across CeFi and DeFi

Diversify into stablecoins, grow the treasury through investment, and allocate assets across CeFi and DeFi — using custom governance to ensure security.

Bookkeeping and report exporting

Maintain the highest standards of compliance and transparency with transactions and approval changes immutably recorded on the Layer 2 Qredo Network, complete with exportable audit logs.


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Why blockchain companies choose Qredo


Crystallization mechanism

Crystallization accurately maps holdings in your Qredo Layer 2 Wallets to their underlying Layer 1 assets.


EVM compatible

Manage assets on your own EVM-compatible blockchain.

An enterprise-grade API

Plug straight into your existing tech stack.

mitigate private key risk

At no time is a private key ever held in any one geographic location, greatly mitigating the risks of a private key being obtained or hacked by any third party.

MetaMask Institutional & WalletConnect Integrations

Securely access a world of DeFi and Web3 opportunities with these market-leading integrations.

Bespoke governance

Create your own signing scheme specifying which team members are needed to action certain transactions, protecting against lock-out as well as insider trading.

Immutable audit trails

Export blockchain-based transaction reports.

Audited, verified and insured

SOC 2 Types I and II certified and compliant. Pen-tested by top security firms, and insured with crime, specie, and on-chain policies


Dedicated product specialist

Full support in customizing your DeFi transaction and governance workflow.

Seamless integration through enterprise-level APIs

Streamline your digital asset workflows and plug Qredo into existing applications through enterprise-level RESTful APIs and extensive integration libraries.

Qredo Insights

Learn more about Qredo and how you can use our technology to manage your treasury seamlessly