Set the rules governing your digital asset investments and securely scale your business

& Secure

Only on-chain governance can provide this level of enterprise-grade security. Governance policies and Whitelists are immutably recorded on Qredo Network, with all alterations approved via our dedicated Signing App.


Design your policies and roles as you wish. Customize your workflows to reflect your team's structure and compliance needs. Set permissions for your team, from two to hundreds of people.


Manage your governance at the Workspace level and apply it to Portfolio and Wallet transactions for rigorous control over your digital assets.


Any threshold approval scheme you create can be updated freely and securely in real-time, as teams change and products launch.

Set up your governance

Govern your assets however you choose, customizing them according to your team's structure and goals

New Governance Features


Delegate duties and team tasks, facilitate workflows and hone your digital asset strategy.


The top management level for your business control. Your Workspace represents your company's digital assets at a high level, allowing you to view Users, Portfolios, Web3 Wallets, and Vaults.


The second level of management and business control. Portfolios represent custody vehicles grouped by requirements, such as investment type or degree of risk exposure. Add Workspace members to your Portfolios, controlling team access according to your needs.

Transaction Policies

Transaction policies govern transactions: Withdrawals, Transfers, Swaps and Web3 Wallet transactions, providing granular control over your digital assets. These are designed as a first object class, independent of and applicable to Wallets, providing teams with the agility, visibility and efficiency they need.

Admin policies

Admin policies are an optional security features within a Workspace designed to give your Admins an extra layer of security and control. Admin policies govern your Transaction policies' rules, and the management of Workspace Admin privileges.


Add another security layer to complement Policies with Whitelists, which prevent your team from mistakenly sending digital assets to the wrong addresses.


"Qredo's flexibility — primarily the ability to sign transactions for all ERC-20s and 721s across multiple EVM chains — coupled with their decentralized approach to key management, is the balance of usability and security that ConsenSys Mesh was looking for when reviewing custody providers."

Thomas Rush
ConsenSys Mesh Partner

Set up your own governance

Customize your Wallet to suit your team's needs

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