Run your trading platform on institutional-grade blockchain infrastructure. Everything you need to store, issue, and transfer digital assets efficiently and securely.

Provide real self-custody
to your customers

Put an end to fear and uncertainty, and give your users the opportunity to take custody of their assets by implementing Qredo's secure solutions in white-label form.

Safeguard assets

Forget about storing private keys. Qredo uses a distributed implementation of multi-party computation to protect funds from cyber attacks, internal collusion, and human error. You'll have crime insurance, and bespoke specie insurance is available for added peace of mind.

Scale to thousands of transactions per second

As an interoperable and scalable Layer 2 solution, Qredo offers lightning-fast settlement across supported blockchains at incredibly low cost.

Plug straight into existing systems

The Qredo API enables digital asset operations to be integrated with existing software and scaled to meet enterprise needs. You can build your own client facing application layer, or integrate with existing core banking web and mobile applications.

Win the compliance battle

Avoid exposure to tainted assets through Qredo's integrations with top blockchain analytics firms, and get ahead of the latest regulation with our Travel Rule solution.


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Why exchanges choose Qredo


Integration libraries

Qredo features Python, Node.js, Java, and Dot Net libraries that make for seamless integration with external platforms.


Crystallization mechanism

Crystallization accurately maps holdings in your Qredo Layer 2 Wallets to their underlying Layer 1 assets.


EVM compatible

Manage assets on your own EVM-compatible blockchain.

An enterprise-grade API

Plug straight into your existing tech stack.

Mitigate private key risk

At no time is a private key ever held in any one geographic location, greatly mitigating the risks of a private key being obtained or hacked by any third party.

Immutable audit trails

Reports, exports, full visibility, and full audit trails on Qredo's Layer 2 blockchain.

Audited, verified and insured

SOC 2 Types I and II certified and compliant. Pen-tested by top security firms, and insured with crime, specie, and on-chain policies.

Clear Vault

Transparent, trustless trade for all. Clear Vault lets traders operate direct from self-custody, and exchange partners achieve higher trading volume.

Qredo Insights

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