Qredo Labs

Welcome to Qredo Labs, the Research and Development arm of the Qredo Network. We build groundbreaking proof-of-concepts to foster innovation in the blockchain security landscape.  

Our Team

Qredo Labs is a community of blockchain developers, computer scientists, security architects, and cryptographers who believe in the power of decentralization and the ethos of open-source development.

Our Work

We develop open-source, proof-of-concepts that will potentially enhance the Qredo Network and contribute to the larger blockchain ecosystem as a whole, creating a more robust and secure decentralized future.

Our Mission

We aim to foster a vibrant collaborative ecosystem focused on accelerating blockchain technology's advancement. We welcome contributions from developers and scientists in this open-source, decentralized journey. 

Proofs of


QSign is a secure cross-chain application builder backed by Qredo’s distributed Multi-Party Computation technology. QSign allows messaging and wallet generation for communication between smart contracts living on different chains.

Research Areas


Zero-Knowledge Proofs

We are experimenting with Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) generators, paving the way for secure cross-chain transactions and bolstering confidentiality in blockchain operations.



We are optimizing our performance on WebAssembly in order to broaden accessibility for developers across various programming languages that compile to WASM. 


Formal Verification

We're actively involved in exploring and refining our approach to on-demand formal verification. One of our primary focus areas is WASM binaries, where we're pushing the boundaries through ongoing experimentation and development. 


Decentralized Identity

We are deeply invested in the exploration and implementation of decentralized identity to enhance the integrity of user transactions and data management. 


Verifiable Credentials

Our research around verifiable credentials contributes to safer, more private, and anonymous experiences within our decentralized custody network.


Stateless Blockchains

Our exploration of stateless blockchains aims to enhance scalability and decentralization, validating transactions while maintaining network integrity, even as blockchains expand. 


Qredo Labs encourages collaborations with blockchain developers and scientists dedicated to advancing our research areas, validating and building upon our proofs of concepts. Reach out to us to start a conversation or apply for a grant.