Swap, farm, and earn yield on decentralized protocols — secured by Qredo's unique distributed multi-party computation (dMPC)

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Forget about storing private keys, losing hardware devices, and rogue traders. Qredo's on-chain custody stores private keys using dMPC and our powerful policy engine gives you complete peace of mind around who approves what, and where your funds are sent.

Access hundreds
of dApps

Whatever the investment strategy, Qredo unlocks easy access to a huge range of opportunities across the whole landscape of EVM blockchains.


Enjoy easy, low-friction access to hundreds of dApps with no need for browser extensions, clunky APIs, or additional software.

Choose your own way into Web3

Qredo Web3 Wallets enable access to the wide world of dApps through MetaMask Institutional, WalletConnect and Sui Wallet.

MetaMask Institutional

Sign transactions with confidence through the world's most trusted Web3 gateway,  secured by your own Qredo governance.


Simply scan a QR code to establish a secure connection between crypto wallet and dApp.

Sui Wallet

Experience DeFi with unmatched speed and security in Qredo’s Sui Wallet integration.


"Qredo's flexibility — primarily the ability to sign transactions for all ERC-20s and 721s across multiple EVM chains — coupled with their decentralized approach to key management, is the balance of usability and security that ConsenSys Mesh was looking for when reviewing custody providers."

Thomas Rush
ConsenSys Mesh Partner

Why Web3 Wallets?


Full EVM compatibility

Support for all Ethereum Virtual Machine blockchains and assets, from ERC-20s to NFTs.


Dedicated product specialist

Full support in customizing your DeFi transaction and governance workflow.

Customer support

Global 24/7 troubleshooting and support queries.

Audited and insured

SOC 2 Types I and II certified and compliant. Pen-tested by top security firms, and insured with crime, specie, and on-chain policies.


Mitigate private key risk

At no time is a private key ever held in any one geographic location, greatly mitigating the risks of a private key being obtained or hacked by any third party.

Bespoke governance

Custom signing schemes to suit your needs.

An enterprise-grade API

Plug straight into your existing tech stack and automate operations.

Immutable audit trails

Reports, exports, full visibility, and full audit trails on Qredo's Layer 2 blockchain.

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Web3 Wallet today

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