Clear Vault

Transparent, trustless trading for all. Clear Vault lets traders operate directly from self-custody, and exchange partners to achieve higher trading volume.

hybrid exchange

Benefit from the best of both worlds – the performance of the best CEXs with the security of the best DEXs.

Zero counterparty risk

Trade with no middle-man via on-chain self-custodial wallets secured by the only fully distributed MPC network. Clear, secure, and all yours.

High Trading Volume

Benefit from activity along with 350 Qredo institutional clients, driving your trading volume.

Direct White-label Integration

Integrate Clear Vault as a white-labeled solution for your business. Software and libraries, as well as support, available for service providers.

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Clear Vault features

On-chain Custody

Secure your digital assets where they belong – in your own two hands. Built on a security protocol using distributed MPC technology to secure digital funds as never before.

Integration for exchanges

White-label solutions and our dedicated API make it easy for exchanges – now your users can deploy dMPC self-custody wallets directly to exchange via Clear Vault.

Automated on-chain settlement

Automated blockchain-based collateral settlements between exchange and user wallets enable full transparency and support scaling.

Trade from self-custody

Connect your dMPC Vault to any exchange or venue and securely trade directly from self-custody without intermediaries.

Making Trustless Trade Clear

"Clear Vault enables a trustless trading experience that empowers users and fosters a more open and transparent financial system. We are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting movement. We are committed to providing our users and exchanges with the highest security and transparency. We believe hybrid exchange and non-custodial trading are the future of finance, and we're excited to be part of this growing community."

Luis Vaello
VP of Marketing and Operations

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