Your crypto in
your safe hands

Take secure custody of your

digital assets more easily than ever


Keep it in the Vault. Store, manage and trade your digital assets all from self-custody.


Set the rules governing your digital asset investments and securely scale your business.

Web3 Wallets

Swap, farm, and earn yield on decentralized protocols — secured by Qredo's unique distributed multi-party computation (dMPC).

Clear Vault

Transparent, trustless trade for all. Helping traders operate directly from self-custody, and exchange partners achieve higher trading volume.


Trusted names in crypto

"Qredo's flexibility — primarily the ability to sign transactions for all ERC-20s and 721s across multiple EVM chains — coupled with their decentralized approach to key management, is the balance of usability and security that ConsenSys Mesh was looking for when reviewing custody providers."

Thomas Rush
ConsenSys Mesh Partner

to you. Untouchable for anyone else.

Thanks to Qredo's distributed multi-party computation (MPC) technology, the Network is the Vault. Take custody of your digital assets, with no local or central private key storage.

Bringing the power of blockchain to the people

Qredo's distributed multi-party computation (MPC) technology creates a new standard in securing digital assets – unlocking the power of the blockchain for all.

Powerful trades at your fingertips

Trade from the security of Qredo network using powerful tools including Atomic Swap.

Stronger self-custody for institutions

Take custody of your assets with a Qredo Vault, and securely access DeFi through our Web3 Wallet – with signing fully secured by your own custom governance controls.

Compliance made easy

Plug into analytics software. Identify other virtual asset service providers (VASPs). Securely share your transaction data. Travel Rule compliance at its simplest.

Choose your own way into Web3...

Qredo Web3 Wallets enable access to the wide world of dApps through MetaMask Institutional, WalletConnect and Sui Wallet.

MetaMask Institutional

Sign transactions with confidence through the world's most trusted Web3 gateway,  secured by your own Qredo governance.


Simply scan a QR code to establish a secure connection between crypto wallet and dApp.

Sui Wallet

Experience DeFi with unmatched speed and security in Qredo’s Sui Wallet integration.

Celestia Wallet

Seamlessly engage with the Celestia ecosystem thanks to Qredo's Celestia Wallet integration


Qredo Insights

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