Secure digital assets and high value information for the financial services and telecom industries

Introducing Shapeshifter: Hardware security plus multi-factor authentication apps for cryptocurrency wallets, digital assets and custodial ops.

Shapeshifter platform delivers the assurance of cold storage and the business agility of hot wallets so exchanges and brokers operate at the speed of business.

Completely eliminate private key theft from custodial systems.

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Unrivalled security to eliminate cryptocurrency and digital asset theft.

The Shapeshifter Platform from Qredo is designed for any business looking to eliminate the risk of cryptocurrency theft and guarantee strong audit assurance for trading, deposit and withdrawal operations.

Shapeshifter is set of tamper-proof hardware security modules and companion multi-factor smartphone apps for iOS and Android that together deliver a breakthrough security architecture.

Shapeshifter eliminates the business burden of wallet key management and the cyber-threats that come from centralized key storage.

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Shapeshifter Features

Automated Policy Engine

Per account threshold or quorum multi-signatures, rate limiting transactions, whitelisting and more with easy automation API.

High Availability

Designed for the most stringent uptime requirements, Shapeshifters run in high-availability failover out of the box.

Multi-Factor Authentication

It’s not an afterthought. Shapeshifter MFA security runs at the heart of the platform, providing added assurance and non-repudiation of any transaction, keeping your clients and your business safe.

Frictionless Integration

An extensive and well-documented APIs and an array of security options enable easy integration into most exchange platforms and back-end enterprise applications.

Limitless Crypto Support

An upgradable multi-wallet design that supports every conceivable digital asset and currency.

Eliminate Asset Theft

The only solution on the market today that eliminates private key theft from hot wallets and cold storage.

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