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Defi/CeFi Lending

Atlendis is a capital-efficient DeFi lending protocol that enables uncollateralized crypto loans.

  • Institutional borrowers can obtain flexible and competitive loan terms.

  • Uncollateralized loans function as a revolving line of credit, giving borrowers flexibility for recurrent and short-term liquidity needs.


OTC Broker

BEQUANT is a crypto exchange and OTC broker.

  • BEQUANT’s product range includes prime brokerage, custody and exchange.

  • All BEQUANT services are enhanced by low-latency trading, liquidity and direct market access for investors.

  • BEQUANT consolidates liquidity from 13+ CeFi exchanges as well as the top DeFi protocols.


Asset Tokenisation

Bitbond specializes in tokenization including issuance, settlement 
and custody of financial assets.

  • Bitbond Token Tool allows users to create tokens and NFTs effortlessly across EVM chains.

  • Multi-send tokens to multiple wallets and manage the full token lifecycle.

  • Fully on-chain settlement and custody.


OTC Broker

BlockFills is a liquidity provider and market marker.

  • Blockfills solves fragmented liquidity problems through their aggregation and matching algorithms.

  • Blockfills provides an end-to-end software suite that simplifies all aspects of the trade lifecycle for institutions.

  • Blockfills offers OTC services, lending/borrowing, hedging and balance sheet management, as well as post-trade settlement and credit.


Cryptio is an accounting and reporting platform.

  • Track your transactions accurately and in an auditable manner.

  • Generate robust reports for administrative, accounting, and tax purposes.

  • Cryptio will make sure your business meets all reporting and auditing requirements.



Dexible is a professional DEX Aggregator and execution management platform.

  • Execute large orders on DEXs with maximum profitability via Dexible's execution and order management platform.

  • Tap into TWAP and VWAP (time- and volume-weighted average price algorithms) and consolidate liquidity across 60+ DEXs.

  • Increase your speed of execution and reduce your slippage using Dexible's ten algorithmic strategies.

Lyra finance

DeFi Options Exchange

Lyra is a decentralized options trading platform.

  • Lightning-fast two-sided options markets on ETH, BTC, and SOL.

  • Earn market-neutral, uncorrelated returns on stable assets.

  • Users can deposit to their Market-Making Vaults to provide liquidity on options.



Onramper is a leading fiat-to-crypto on-ramp aggregator. All major fiat gateways and fiat on-ramps aggregated in one solution.

  • Buy, sell and swap crypto.

  • Six onramp providers aggregated within one solution.

  • On-ramp with a credit card, Apple Pay or via bank transfer.


Fund Administrator

Repool makes launching and managing digital asset funds easy.

  • Crypto fund-in-a-box allows managers to rapidly launch with end-to-end formation, legal documents, and ongoing back-office services.

  • Standalone digital asset administration for Spot crypto funds has hands-on, local support and a modern investor portal.



Sardine is a payment on/off ramp platform. Move money instantly, and let Sardine handle fraud, regulatory and payment protection.

  • Sardine offers risk-free ACH and a credit card on/off ramp.

  • Instant settlement to wallets and instant ACH settlement.

  • Higher limits (up to $3k per transaction), and lower fees for ACH vs. cards.