Circle USDC Toolkit

Forget transactional inefficiencies. Welcome to streamlined, gasless payments in USDC. Sign up for priority access to Circle API and QSign Paymaster today. 

Circle API

Complete the fiat to crypto circle with Qredo's Circle API

Regulated Channels

Connect your Circle Account directly to your Qredo non-custodial wallet and operate within a network of robust, regulated channels. 

Effortless USDC Management

Mint and redeem USDC with ease using Circle, a market leader in stablecoin technology. Send dollars to Circle to receive USDC in your Qredo wallet.  

Global Operations

Ideal for managing payroll globally, exploring DeFi, or investing in top-tier crypto assets like BTC and ETH. 

QSign Paymaster

The master of all gas transactions

Built with Circle and Etherspot

Leverage the power of Circle's Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) and Etherspot's Account Abstraction SDK, all powered by QSign's dMPC cross-chain controls. 

Cost Predictability

Streamline your operational costs by paying gas fees for multiple chains all in USDC. 

Simplified Web3 Engagement

Operate with a single USDC entry point and move effortlessly across chains. 


“The synergies in uniting Circle's Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) and Qredo's dMPC create an advanced cross-chain toolkit, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience for minting, redeeming, and conducting transactions with USDC spanning multiple networks. The result is transactions with greater speed, security and efficiency, and crucially lower costs.”

Eran Shtiegman
VP of Product Management at Circle

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