Asset Managers

Fulfill your fiduciary duties with secure and sophisticated digital asset custody


No local or central storage of private keys. Qredo's unique distributed multi-party computation protects against cyber attacks, internal collusion, and human error. Crime insurance comes as standard, and bespoke specie insurance is available for added peace of mind.

Take control
of governance

Qredo's powerful policy engine enables the creation of sophisticated signing schemes to suit your requirements. Multiple parties can be assigned the power to initiate and approve transactions, or run reports.

Easily meet
compliance needs

Qredo's messaging capabilities allow transactions to be marked with sender and recipient identities, enabling ready compliance with emerging regulations like the Travel Rule. All transactions and custodial policy changes are recorded on our Layer 2 blockchain, providing an immutable record of activity for auditing and reporting.

Seize every
market opportunity

From yield farming to staking and more, Qredo delivers access to DeFi opportunities across all EVM chains, enabling the easy management of your digital assets from a single dashboard.

Hear from leading asset managers using Qredo

"As a trading firm with a presence across the globe constantly transacting digital assets, we need a proven custody solution which can give us the controls we need. The Qredo platform ticks all those boxes and makes it as easy as possible for us to transact the way we want to."

Jingcheng Li
Managing Director, FBG Capital

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Why asset managers choose Qredo


Mitigate private key risks

Protect assets via distributed multi-party computation (dMPC) ensuring that no whole key is ever in existence in one geographic location.

MetaMask Institutional & WalletConnect Integrations

Securely access a world of DeFi and Web3 opportunities with these market-leading integrations.

Bespoke governance

Create your own signing scheme specifying which team members are needed to action certain transactions, protecting against lock-out as well as insider trading.

An enterprise-grade API

Plug straight into your existing tech stack with the Qredo API and extensive integration libraries.

Access to liquidity

Trade from custody using powerful features such as Atomic Swap.


Immutable audit trails

Export blockchain-based transaction reports.

Audited, verified and insured

SOC 2 Types I and II certified and compliant. Pen-tested by top security firms, and insured with crime, specie, and on-chain policies.



Stay ahead of regulation with the latest compliance tools and integrations.

Dedicated product specialist

Full support in customizing your DeFi transaction and governance workflow.


Crime insurance comes as standard, and bespoke specie insurance is available for added peace of mind

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