Qredo X

Sui Wallet

Experience DeFi with unmatched speed and security in Qredo’s Sui Wallet integration

Enhanced Security & Governance with SUI

Effortlessly access the Sui Wallet via Qredo, integrating robust security and nuanced governance controls tailored for your assets and team. 

Define Your Operational Flow

Exercise granular oversight with custom workflows and signature controls through distinctive governance and role-specific access management. 

Elevate Interaction with the SUI Ecosystem

Navigate the Sui ecosystem securely, leveraging Qredo's distinct dMPC technology, minimizing the risk associated with private keys. 

Intelligent Asset Management

Optimize your treasury by executing and receiving payments through the transfer of SUI tokens to whitelisted external addresses. 

Premium Staking Experience

Stake SUI tokens directly, engaging with SUI staking contracts from a secure self-custody platform, with Qredo as your validating choice. 

Qredo x Sui Wallet

Capitalize on the capabilities of SUI's advanced blockchain technology, paired with Qredo's secure self-custody and seamless transaction procedures.

Enhanced Security

Make use of the most secure digital asset protection, uniquely designed for Sui Network.

Absolute Control

Command your token storage, NFTs, and all transactions made by your team, with custom governance via the Qredo App.

Seamless Interaction

Realize the full potential of Web3 across by integrating smoothly with Sui's innovative and expanding network.

Stay Ahead with Rewards

Initiate, stake, and prepare to reap the rewards of Sui tokens.


Unlock the Power
of a Web3 Wallet

Don’t miss out! Engage with the fast-growing activity on Sui Network by setting up your wallet today.