Securing the future of digital assets

We provide the rails for traditional finance's

high-speed transit into blockchain

Forget private
key storage

Qredo's dMPC solution means that no whole private key is ever stored in one geographic location, dramatically mitigating private key risks such as loss or theft.

Ownership data
kept safe forever

An immutable blockchain records your critical data, not some centralized database in the cloud.  

human error

Create your own custom governance and enable signing authorities, neutralizing the risk of team mistakes or internal collusion.

Audited, Verified,

SOC 2-Compliant, ISO27001-Certified and ISO22301-Certified. Pen-tested by top security firms, and insured with crime, specie, and on-chain policies. Security assessments by NCC Group and Zokyo.

Insure according
to your need

Select the right insurance for you, including specie, crime and on-chain policies from leading providers including Lloyds of London. 

Safeguarding your crypto assets is key

Qredo's robust governance policies are built to prevent theft, fraud and internal collusion. We take blockchain security to the next level.

$3.8 billion

Lost to theft and fraud in DeFi in 2022


Stolen by crypto scammers in 2022


Cyberattacks estimated to be carried out by insiders


Conventional methods of storing private keys make a devastating compromise between security and accessibility

Hot wallets

Storing digital assets online means you can make transactions with a couple of clicks, but leaves private keys exposed to hackers and malware.

Cold wallets

Storing private keys offline in cold storage is more secure, but is impossible to align with organizational security structures, and creates a cumbersome operational burden.

MPC wallets

This cryptographic breakthrough promises the perfect balance of security and control. But most MPC solutions leave assets vulnerable to the same threats because they rely upon centralized intermediaries.

leading global partners

Qredo puts security above all else. All innovation is secondary to the ultimate goal of safeguarding assets. This is reflected in our commitment to the highest standards of secure distributed infrastructure, and strict adherence to a secure development lifecycle.

Anthony Foy
Qredo Founder and CEO


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