Keep it in the Vault. Store, manage and trade your digital assets all from self-custody.

Secure on-chain

With Qredo, there is no third-party custodian. All funds and transactions are recorded on-chain on Qredo Network and protected by our unique distributed multi-party computation (dMPC) technology.


All transfers, swaps and governance are recorded directly on our Layer 2 blockchain, Qredo Network.

On-demand proof
of solvency

At any point, you can demonstrate which underlying Layer 1 assets map to which users' Qredo vaults. All reconciled assets are automatically audited and viewable on our Block Explorer.

Create your vault
in five minutes

Set up your secure Vault in a few simple steps


Why stop at a Wallet when you can have a Vault? Take custody of your own digital assets on-chain with no local key storage required. On Qredo Network, keys are distributed using our secure dMPC technology. That's why we say at Qredo, the Network is the Vault.

Compatible with multiple blockchains

Connect to the best in DeFi all from secure self-custody.

Govern your assets

You create the policies, assign the roles and grant access permissions to your team members with Qredo's customizable workflow and signing controls.

transfer & swap digital assets cross-chain

Instant transfers and cross-chain atomic swaps allow greater capital efficiency and activity across the entire blockchain ecosystem.

360° Portfolio tracker

Track your balances and assets across your Workspace and in individual Vaults, displayed by asset allocation or asset type, giving you better visibility to guide you in making smarter investments.

New Qredo API for seamless integration

Qredo plugs straight into your existing stack through our enterprise-grade API and extensive integration libraries. Expert help is available to support integration as well as standalone application development.


"Qredo's flexibility — primarily the ability to sign transactions for all ERC-20s and 721s across multiple EVM chains — coupled with their decentralized approach to key management, is the balance of usability and security that ConsenSys Mesh was looking for when reviewing custody providers."

Thomas Rush
ConsenSys Mesh Partner

create your Vault
in five minutes

Set up your secure Vault in a few simple steps

Qredo Insights

Learn more about Qredo technology and how you can get the most out of your Qredo Vaults