Meet the team

The Qredo team comprises more than 200 members across dozens of different countries, all galvanized by one mission

The Qredo Story

Q4 2018

Qredo Founded

Co-founders Anthony Foy and Brian Spector acquire Qredo shell.

Q1 2019

Pre Seed

Qredo closed $2.9 million pre-seed funding round.

Q4 2019

First MVP

On-chain custody app MVP launched.

Q1 2020

Apache Milagro

Patents committed to Apache Milagro incubation project.

Q2 2020

Testnet v1.0

Launched consensus-driven MPC network v1.0 Testnet.

Initial Seed Round investment: Gumi Crypto Capital, G1 Capital & Maven 11.

Q3 2020

Mainnet v1.0

Launched Mainnet with BTC support with distributed custody and instant transfers.

Q4 2020

Ethereum Support

Instant native swaps BTC<>ETH.

Q1 2021

$11M seed round closed

Key strategic investors: Deribit, Wintermute, GSR, CMS Holdings. Launched support for USDT and USDC, corporate accounts with multi-user controls.

Q2 2021

First Partner Launches with Qredo

HedgeGuard integrates with Qredo. MVP Released for Liquidity Hub and Trader Chat. Instant Support for top 13 ERC-20 tokens.

Q3 2021

Token Launch

QRDO token launches to 32K new holders and QRDO token listed on exchanges.

Q3 2021

El Salvador

Qredo delivers DeFi to institution for Banco Hipotecario.

Q4 2021


Qredo signs Deribit for self-custodial infrastructure.

Q1 2022

Raised $80M Series A

A Raise Led by 10T Holdings, with Strategic Investment from Coinbase Ventures 
and Avalanche.

Q2 2022

200 Employees Globally

Q3 2022


Qredo’s trailblazing 
acquisition of Xena 
Exchange's technology 
and team.

Q4 2022

Web3 Wallets

Qredo release WalletConnect integration and programmatic access to DeFi.

The Qredo executive team possesses a wide range of expertise

Anthony Foy


Digital veteran and serial entrepreneur. 20+ years' experience in VC- backed growth companies.

Josh Goodbody

Chief Operations Officer

Operational leader scaling the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges with 15+ years' experience, previously financial markets lawyer.

Duncan Payne-Shelley

Chief Finance Officer

Driven, energetic and motivated, highly commercial CFO responsible for leadership, delivering strategy and driving performance.

Julien Auchecorne

Chief Commercial Officer

Financial expert and commercial leader. Over two decades of global experience ranging from capital markets and structured finance investor (JPM, Brevan Howard) to C-suite roles in crypto start-ups and scale-ups.

Becky Mifsud

Chief People Officer

Experienced leader in scaling global crypto businesses and building successful team cultures. Background includes corporate psychology, strategy & operations, talent acquisition, licensing, compensation & benefits, DEI and employment law in international jurisdictions.

we're on the pathway to Decentralization

As the core components 
of the network become 

Qredo aims to open source all products; releasing all code libraries, making roadmaps public, and empowering independent developers with all the resources needed to create innovative applications.

Qredo is following a playbook of progressive decentralization, in which the team gradually relinquishes control until the network protocol is completely owned and operated by a community of users.

In the first stage of Qredo's evolution, network nodes are globally distributed and controlled by the company, Qredo Ltd.

Selected partners take over in the second stage as the network becomes federated, before the final stage of full decentralization enables anyone to permissionlessly run a Qredo node and participate in governance.

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