Exchange Hub

A single dashboard for managing digital assets across multiple exchange.

Control digital

Access funds across all exchanges in real time with compatible APIs. Settle transactions in seconds back to your secure self-custody Qredo Vault. 


Manage liquidity across exchanges, to quickly capitalize on market opportunities.

Advanced governance

Ensure today that all operations and all external withdrawals are managed only by your designated Workspace members.

Control digital

Access funds and manage liquidity across exchange in real time. 

Protect digital

Settle transactions in seconds back to your secure self-custody Qredo Vault. 


Assign specific roles and customize policies to facilitate team collaboration.

Manage assets seamlessly across the top CEXs

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Five key functions for streamlined management of assets held on exchange

Monitor balances

Monitor balances on all connected exchange accounts, including funds in transit.

Transfer funds

Transfer funds instantly between exchange accounts.

Settle funds

Settle funds in seconds back to your secure self-custody Qredo Wallets, secured by your own defined governance policies.

Receive notifications

Receive notifications for all withdrawals and deposits to connected exchange accounts.

Check at a glance

Check at a glance the history of all operations and withdrawal requests, have complete oversight of your holdings in one interface, and export full audit logs in a click.


"Qredo introduces a radically new way for DAOs, institutions and Web3 platforms to hold their crypto. Their dMPC network allows for security and compliance at an institutional grade, while also being extremely convenient. It embraces the decentralized nature of what this industry is all about, which is a major step forward."

Balder Bomans
Chief Investment Officer, Maven 11 Capital

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