Published Nov 24, 2021
By Qredo Team

Seven Ways to Get Crypto into the Conversation this Thanksgiving

We present seven reasonably subtle ways to make this year’s family event the most successful crypto conversion exercise ever.

So, if Aunt Sarah didn’t get blockchain and bitcoin last year, she will this time. Take no prisoners.


1. Taking your seats at the table

“Sitting around the table like this reminds me of how a distributed network of nodes can act to secure the blockchain network and trustlessly sign transactions…. [sigh heavily for dramatic effect] Isn’t decentralization wonderful?”

2. Giving thanks for the harvest

"Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE corn — it’s such a versatile crop. But when it comes to farming, let me tell you about the kind of yield you can get from something called decentralized finance…”

3. When you're digging into the spinach dip...

“Damn! This is the tastiest dip I've ever slurped. Except for that one time when I bought bitcoin before the institutions got involved…”

4. Uncle Bill telling a different version of the same story every year 

“There is a time and place for variety, but this kind of tampering with important facts wouldn’t be a problem if Uncle Bill’s memory was structured like an immutable blockchain…”

5. The moment Mom brings out the Turkey

“Wait — that turkey cost how much?! Price increases like that are a function of a broken, dollar-based economy which is dependent on printing money. Now, with bitcoin...”

6. Cranberry sauce tasting a little off?

“The use of blockchain in supply chain management is now a big thing, helping supermarkets track the provenance of a single piece of produce right back to the field it came from…”

7. Adding some more logs to the fire

“This room is warming up nicely but imagine what we could achieve with a volcano. Geothermal energy would allow us to heat the house whilst also powering a small but sustainable proof-of-work mining operation…”

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 🥰

From everyone at Qredo

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