A Performance Update on Our Cloud-Based dMPC

Published Feb 23, 2023
By Qredo Team

Qredo is thrilled to announce that we have recently completed the migration of both our validator nodes and our dMPC stack from high security datacenters to cloud-based trusted execution environments (TEEs). 

This is a significant milestone for Qredo Network and a crucial step towards our goal of providing multi-cloud support to our users. We are excited to share the many benefits this migration brings to our community. 

The migration of our dMPC stack to TEEs follows the successful migration of our validator nodes which was recently announced.

Key benefits of our migration to TEEs

One of the primary benefits of this move is the improved security and resilience it will bring for critical processes, including key ceremonies and disaster recovery. Our dMPC protocol now runs entirely inside trusted execution environments. This ensures that our users' data and digital assets are more secure than ever. 

In addition to improved security, we have also experienced a significant improvement in time performance for both key generation and signing. Our team has seen roughly a 400% improvement in key generation time and 250% improvement in signing time. These improvements enable us to provide faster, more efficient services to our users as well as supporting us in scaling out our MPC infrastrucure. 

Big thanks to our hardworking team of blockchain engineers

We are incredibly proud of our team for their tenacity and focus in completing this migration, and we want to celebrate the improved performance with our community.  

We have created a graphic to highlight these improvements and want to thank our community for their continued support. 

Qredo’s pathway towards further decentralization

This migration is also a crucial step on our road to further decentralization. By moving to cloud-based trusted execution environments, we have created a robust infrastructure for the process we are now embarking upon of decentralizing our validator nodes. This will allow us to scale more efficiently and provide even more robust and powerful services to our users as we further decentralize. 

These improvements are all thanks to our shift to cloud-based trusted execution environments, which supply a secure and reliable infrastructure for our validator nodes and dMPC stack as we expand the number of nodes in operation. 

What’s next with regard to the migration to TEEs?

Decommissioning our legacy system

Next up, we will be decommissioning our old system. As we continue to embrace cloud-based solutions, we recognize the importance of streamlining our operations and maximizing the benefits of our new infrastructure. Decommissioning our old system will free up resources and allow us to focus on the development and enhancement of our cloud-based solutions. 

We do intend to provide a full range of resources to our users in the future, including both multi-cloud provision and the availability of trusted secure datacentres for certain operations. Our infrastructure will thereby be flexible, as well as having multiple redundancies to help ensure uninterrupted operations and resilience. 

Creating further efficiencies in our usage of cloud resources

We will also be creating further efficiencies in our usage of cloud resources. Our cloud-based solutions provide us with the flexibility to scale up or down our resources based on demand, and we want to ensure that we are utilizing these resources in the most efficient way possible. By optimizing our cloud usage, we can ensure minimum friction for users of the network, and ease scale-up. 

Refining processes for monitoring & alerts

Continuing to refine monitoring and alerting processes is another key step for us. We understand the critical role that monitoring and alerting play in ensuring the stability and security of a network, and we want to ensure that the most robust and effective processes are in place. We will be working on improving these systems to provide real-time notifications of any issues or anomalies, enabling the network to respond quickly and effectively to any potential issues. 

Documenting our journey to further decentralization

As a company, we believe in transparency and accountability, and we want to share our journey with our community. We will be documenting our progress, challenges, and successes, supplying insights into the decisions we make and the direction we are taking. We believe that this will help us to build stronger relationships with our community and ensure that we are all moving forward together. 

We are excited about what's next for Qredo. The steps outlined above are all important components of our journey towards our goal of supplying secure, democratized, decentralized protocol supporting the wider blockchain ecosystem. 

We are deeply committed to providing secure blockchain solutions that will serve the wider community for many years ahead in, and we look forward to continuing to share our progress with you. 

Thank you for being part of the Qredo journey. Together we’re securing the future of blockchain. 

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