Published Oct 17, 2023
By Qredo Team

Announcing QRDO Staking Updates at Qredo

At Qredo we're excited to introduce major enhancements to QRDO staking, aiming to boost the inherent worth of QRDO tokens and deepen user engagement. 

We are delighted to announce the launch of Staking Vaults, with automatic restaking of assets, as well as the direct dependence of staked QRDO and voting rights in future Qredo governance.

A streamlined staking experience

Monitor your rewards in real time within Qredo Station and earn up to 20% APY with QRDO based on network activity.  

Every Monday rewards are directed to your chosen vault, either for compound growth in the all-new Staking Vault or back to your main Qredo Vault. 

In your Staking Vault, QRDO assets are automatically restaked, allowing your QRDO to work for you more efficiently. 

With these updates, Qredo works to ensure that staking is not merely advantageous but smoothly integrated into the broader purpose and performance of the platform.

Stake to vote

QRDO staking will henceforth be directly connected with Qredo governance. Only wallets with staked QRDO will be eligible to vote, with voting rights directly proportional to total staked assets. 

Staking is no longer just about earning rewards, it defines voting capacity, letting you play a pivotal role in guiding Qredo's future.  

The first rewards under this new staking system will be distributed on Monday, October 30. To avoid any interruption in earned rewards, users should stake their QRDO before Monday, October 23.

Looking ahead

Ready to dive into staking? The entry barrier is set at a minimum of 2,500 QRDO, ensuring all users can participate. Stake your QRDO today and help support the trajectory of Qredo. 

Qredo's enhanced staking system underscores our commitment to you, our users. We look forward to QRDO stakers participating in deciding Qredo’s future path as we work together to secure the future of digital assets.

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