Published Dec 14, 2021
By Qredo Team

Santa's Decentralized Gift List 🎁 

Trying to find the perfect gift for someone who loves crypto?

Here are 10 winning ideas. In sourcing them, we've tried wherever possible to find creators & makers who accept payment in cryptocurrency.

Designed by the same people who made the original limited edition Blockclock, the Blockclock Mini is an elegant addition to any desk, shelf, or bedside table. It tracks BTC price, time, and new blocks as they are mined. You’ll be in good company — one featured in the background of Jack Dorsey’s appearance via zoom at the House hearing on misinformation.

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Twitter: @theBLOCKCLOCK

There is room in every wardrobe for a Cryptograffiti T-shirt. Cryptograffiti is a Bitcoin activist and few artists have done more to advocate for the core message of Bitcoin's white paper. Some of his fine art uses repurposed fiat currency and will be on display at the Bitcoin Art Gallery at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami.

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Twitter: @cryptograffiti

Christopher Giancarlo won the nickname 'CryptoDad' for his paternal advocacy of cryptocurrency whilst chairman of the CFTC. His new book gives the inside scoop on regulatory dealings, with personal insights into the future intersection of crypto, innovation, and policy. A timely and compelling read!

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Twitter: @giancarloMKTS

This neon HODL sign was designed by the people who produced the original Bitcoin Accepted Here sign back in 2013. It's the perfect size for your workspace and may help steady nerves in choppy markets.

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Twitter: @VoltageGoat

This meme sensation may have caused the recent tungsten shortage. Chicago-based Midwest Tungsten is the go-to supplier – offering 1cm to 4 inch cubes that weigh over 40lbs. You can also get them engraved. Whilst tungsten pilgrims are politely requested to stop visiting the factory, they do offer unique visiting and touching rights via their own Cube NFT.

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Twitter: @MTS_Store

Tabletop or wall-mounted, Tokenframe is designed specifically for NFTs. Its app connects with Metamask, Fortmatic or WalletConnect, allowing you to cast your NFTs directly from your wallet. Features include customizable borders, stereo speakers, and optional display of the verifiable ownership QR code.
NOTE: Sold out! 😮 but Spring presale is now open.

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Twitter: @TokenframeNFT

No words are needed to explain the value-add of this trustless rubber duck. Float your FUD away. Hand-painted as well as phthalate, BPA, and lead-free. There are rumors of a limited edition gold-painted Floatoshi (with complimentary NFT redemption) coming soon...

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Twitter: @VoltageGoat

According to recent research, crypto is due to be a popular Christmas gift this year. One of the easiest ways to give someone Bitcoin is using an Opendime, the first Bitcoin bearer instrument. But how should you store your Opendime? With a Bitcoin Grenade, of course! Lots of colors available.

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Twitter: @CryptoCloaks

Eric Hughes was a founding member of Cypherpunks and author of A Cypherpunk's Manifesto. This is one of a number of prints in the Cypherpunks of the World series by Martin Fischer, a Bitcoin artist since 2014. Each print is signed by Martin and has a digital certificate of authenticity, stored on the bitcoin blockchain via Verisart.

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Twitter: @CypherpunkNow

Instead of buying a gift, prefer to support a charity? A new crypto-focused take on philanthropy, Elongate supports a wide variety of causes and can be supported via direct donation or through purchase of its EG token. $3.5 M raised for charity so far.

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Twitter: @elongateog

Wishing you and yours a Happy Holidays! ❄️🎄
From everyone at Qredo 😘

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