Crypto Markets Update and Qredo "Hottest in Europe"

Published Feb 27, 2023
By Qredo Team

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Global forces continue to influence crypto markets

Factors on both sides of the Pacific continue to play a key role in influencing crypto price action. 

All eyes have been on Asia in recent days, with reports speculating that Beijing may be giving tacit approval to Hong Kong financial regulator's recent announcement on proposed plans to regulate crypto trading.  

Over in the US, with greater numbers of traders increasingly confident that the Fed is winning its war on inflation, wider market recovery may continue to fuel a boom in crypto. 

Crypto lawyers’ war of words with the SEC

Turbulence continues with US regulators in a war of words, as crypto lawyers respond to security regulator Gary Gensler's latest claims that all crypto other than Bitcoin should be classed as a security, with experts pointing out that his opinions are not "legally dispositive".  

EU seen as open for crypto business

Politico reports that many European officials are presenting the EU as a welcoming place for crypto companies to do business, a point that may well be weaponised by crypto firms in anticipated contentions with US regulators. 

Qredo hailed as amongst top ten Web3 startups for 2023

Speaking of Europe, Qredo was recently recognised as one of the "Hottest in Europe" and amongst the top ten Web3 startups to watch out for in 2023, according to Tech Funding News

Latest business news in crypto

Other recent business developments in crypto include Coinbase's announcement of their new Layer 2 chain Base, and Israeli startup Chain Reaction's announcement of a successful Series C funding round of $70 million for their company focused on the creation of Blockchain Silicon, cryptographic-focused chips. 

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