ETHDenver 2023 Daily: Fascinating Blockchain Conversations

Published Mar 1, 2023
By Qredo Team

Greetings from ETHDenver 2023, where Qredo is having a fantastic time.  

ETHDenver is a hackathon, conference, and networking event, which aims to inspire and educate developers, entrepreneurs, and blockchain enthusiasts. The event is a community-driven event and values inclusivity, creativity, and experimentation.  

You can find the full ETHDenver schedule right here. 

zkDay Denver and DeSci.Denver 2023: Insights and takeaways

Yesterday, two highly interesting events were zkDay Denver and DeSci.Denver

zkDay Denver was a one-day zero knowledge (ZK) event which brought together experts and enthusiasts for ZK talks, discussions, and interactive activities. The event was sponsored and supported by Polychain, Manta Network, Scroll, Aleo, Veridise, Nil, Cysic, Modulus Labs, Hyper Oracle, and other amazing ZK projects. 

DeSci.Denver was a session focused on utilizing, building, and evaluating digital tools that empower distributed coordination amongst scientific communities. The conversation between scientists, developers, and DeSci sceptics explored if and how Web3 can stabilize and accelerate scientific progress. The attendees heard from researchers on the challenges they face, were introduced to functioning tools developed to solve these challenges and were confronted by the outstanding issues facing the decentralized science movement. 

DeSci.Denver was host to a fascinating conversation on transforming the scientific process by providing more transparency, reproducibility, and collaboration. We learned how blockchain technology and smart contracts can help improve data management, incentivize open science, and increase the quality of research. We also heard about the challenges of decentralized science, such as privacy, data governance, and scalability. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to learn, network, and collaborate with the blockchain community.  

What's happening today at ETHDenver?

Today, we’re excited to share with you some of the innovative topics on the agenda at ETHDenver. 

Web3 users' security afternoon: Building a safer environment for Web3

This event will be an afternoon dive into Web3 users' security infrastructure. The session will explore the relationship between users & developers, chains, dAPPs, Wallet, Data infrastructure, and social applications.  

Building better Web3 applications using composable data

This workshop is designed to provide developers with the tools and knowledge they need to create interoperable Web3 applications using composable data. Attendees will get hands-on experience building applications using ComposeDB on Ceramic and learn about key concepts behind managing decentralized identity.  

As a nice feature of the workshop, developers will in fact leave the event with a small working application on their computers, that they can continue to develop later. 

Qredo: A proud supporter of community-led coding

As a protocol for self-custody, Qredo is proud to be a part of the conversation around creating more secure and scalable Web3 applications. We believe that the future of blockchain technology lies in the ability to create blockchain applications which are interoperable crosschain, and community-driven in their creation and distribution.  

We're always here to support the blockchain community, and we encourage you to engage with our social media channels and stay connected with us. As you explore the world of Web3, we invite you to experience the benefits of self-custody first-hand by opening a Qredo Wallet. With Qredo, you can be sure that your assets are always securely in your control. 

Until next time, stay safe and keep championing a secure future for blockchain! 

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