ETHDenver 2023 Daily: Highlights from Talks and Events

Published Feb 28, 2023
By Qredo Team

Qredo has been thrilled to be in attendance this week at ETHDenver 2023, which has been an incredible opportunity to connect with some of the brightest minds in the blockchain industry. 

Qredo proudly supports collaboration, inclusivity, and open source

ETHDenver is an annual gathering of developers, thinkers, and innovators who come together to share ideas and explore the latest advancements in the Ethereum ecosystem. At Qredo, we are proud to support the values of this event, which prioritizes collaboration, inclusivity, and open-source technology. 

You can check out the full, packed schedule right here.

Fascinating talks on distributed oracles, decentralized networks, and ZK provers

Yesterday, on 27 February, we were fortunate enough to witness some fascinating talks and events.   

DORA: Scalable Distributed Oracles explored the challenges of connecting existing Web2 data sources to blockchains.  

The speakers proposed a distributed solution for solving the oracle problem, which could withstand extreme adversarial settings and is at the same time scalable with the growth of the oracle network. 

Another exciting event was the Decentralized Networks Summit x BUIDL, where attendees had the chance to learn about the latest research and tech insights from the decentralized and open-source projects.  

Talks were given by top Web3 infrastructure projects, including Fluence, Gensyn, Filmine Network, Streamr, Spheron Protocol, and Lit Protocol, followed by Q&A sessions and networking opportunities. 

Finally, we were intrigued by The Cost of Intelligence: Pushing the limits of ZK (Zero Knowledge) with AI, where experts discussed the capabilities of ZK provers in creating ZK-rollups and supporting ZKVMs. The talk also explored how these provers fared against deep neural networks, some of the most compute-hungry algorithms of our time. 

What’s happening today at ETHDenver?

DAO SoDA Competition: Innovative concepts for the advancement of DAOs

One of the highlights of the conference happening today is the DAO SoDA competition, where individuals from diverse backgrounds are coming together to present their innovative concepts for the advancement of DAOs.  

The competition covers the most pressing themes in the industry, including DAO governance, reputation systems, and public goods funding. We cannot wait to see the impressive solutions that will come out of this competition and the impact they'll have on the industry. 

Insights on smart contract auditing and bug patterns from Dedaub

In the Bug Patterns in Solidity and Smart Contract Auditing talk, we're looking forward to hearing from Dedaub, who has discovered & disclosed several key vulnerabilities in deployed smart contracts over the past year. Their insights and advice on how developers can make their smart contract auditors more efficient and effective will be invaluable for the industry's growth and security. 

Qredo: Always building, growing, connecting

As a self-custody wallet solution, Qredo is committed to providing the most secure and easy-to-use self-custody solutions to the wider blockchain ecosystem. We're always working to build new partnerships and collaborations across the wider space and are delighted to be in attendance at ETHDenver 2023.  

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Together, let's create a world where secure self-custody of digital assets is available to everyone and drive positive change for all. 

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