ETHDenver: Looking Ahead

Published Mar 3, 2023
By Qredo Team

We’re nearing the end of ETHDenver, and we’re thankful for this opportunity to not only connect with some of the brightest minds in Web3, but also share our experience with you on our blog.

As the largest ETH event of the year comes to a close, here’s a look back at the presentations we listened to yesterday.

What went down on Thursday

Accounting and crypto

Keeping a close eye on your accounting while dealing with crypto is key. Hash Basis co-founder Mackenzie Patel’s presentation at ETHDenver yesterday reviewed some of the most popular use cases of Ethereum, such as DeFi, NFTs, protocol staking, and simple sends and receives. Patel went on to explain how to account for them properly under US GAAP, ensuring attendees knew what to do come tax time, which was only a few weeks away after ETHDenver ends.

Bootstrapping your way into Web3

The Web3 ecosystem is underpinned by strong community involvement. While this has numerous benefits, it can be daunting for new developers in the space. Opolis’ Bill Warren explored the most effective approaches for not only getting started with a new Web3 project, but to continue one that’s already in flight and the best ways to raise the capital needed to produce stellar Web3 initiatives.

The final day of ETHDenver

Sports NFTs

The last day of ETHDenver is all about engaging with communities. The emergence of sports Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has transformed the way supporters interact with their favorite teams and players. David Pakman of CoinFund will delve into various collections, including NBA TopShot and NFL All Day, to explore the impact of sports NFTs. As a billion-dollar industry, sports NFTs are expected to experience significant growth, enabling fans to get even closer to the action — a real game-changer!

The final rails of Web3

Later tonight, Adrian Brink from Anoma will cover declarative decentralization.Ethereum enables fully decentralized state settlement that is not only permissionless, but also resistant to censorship. To provide users with interactive features for discovering and transacting with counterparties, most dApps require counter-party discovery and solving capabilities. Brink’s presentation will delve into intent-solver patterns and demonstrate how dApps can leverage it to achieve genuine decentralization.

Supporting developers beyond ETHDenver

Qredo takes great pride in providing the ultimate security standard. As a self-custody wallet provider, our mission is to offer the blockchain community with user-friendly and highly secure solutions. 

We are committed to forging new partnerships and collaborations within the broader space, and we're excited to be a part of ETHDenver 2023. Our goal is to work collaboratively to make secure self-custody of digital assets accessible to all, creating a positive impact for everyone.

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