Published Jun 6, 2023
By Qredo Team

Inside New Qredo: Ten Transformative Features

The New Qredo platform delivers more than just a totally fresh user experience. 

We also introduce within New Qredo a suite of brand-new enhanced functions and features, from enhanced governance to improved personalization settings. 

Each of these improvements to our platform has been made with Qredo users in mind and has each been designed to contribute to a product that empowers you, Qredo's users, to take ever greater control over your digital assets as you deploy them across the world of decentralized finance. 

To get you up to speed, here's a quick tour of the top ten features of New Qredo. 

You can also check out New Qredo in the short video below! 

Streamlined onboarding ⏩

Onboard in minutes via a user-friendly and frictionless upgrade process, complete with in-app help that signposts every step of the way. 

Enhanced governance policies 📂

Scale your governance policies to meet the needs of your growing organization. 

The New Qredo features Workspaces which enable the segregation of digital asset activity between different organizations, lines of business, or departments. 

Within Workspaces, you have Portfolios (previously known as Funds), which enable the creation of further sub-accounts for different investment strategies or wallet types. 

Our new Admin Policy is an optional security feature which can be used at a Workspace level to govern all your transaction policies and define who it is that has Workspace admin privileges. 

Whitelists in New Qredo can be set up for specific addresses, preventing your team from accidentally initiating transactions to non-whitelisted addresses. 

To give you complete control over each entity, our newly flexible governance enables transaction policies to be applied at the Workspace, Account, or individual Wallet level.

New roles and permissions 🤵

With new additions to our role-based access model, you can configure different profiles — including Workspace Admin, and Viewer — to create governance permissions that fit each team member like a tailored suit.  

Viewer is a brand-new role in New Qredo, defining a team member who has access for viewing transactions but not for authorizing actions.  

This feature provides an excellent way to carry out certain bookkeeping or auditing tasks with detailed and direct reference to transaction histories. 

Notification center 🔔

Stay ahead of the action with push notifications for key events, such as completed asset transfers or governance policy changes. 

360° portfolio tracker 📊

Track your portfolio via intuitive charts, showing balances and assets across your entire Workspace and individual Wallets, divided by either asset allocation or asset type. 

Smoother transaction flows 🌊

Easily send and swap assets through new and intuitive workflows, enabling quick and cost-effective rebalancing of holdings between your Qredo Wallets. 

Easier navigation 🧭

Our new interface combines all top-level navigation elements into an easy-to-read display found across the top of your window, making it easy to quickly find your way around the Web App. 

Advanced reporting engine 🧾

Instantly export a complete record of transactions and policy updates to a spreadsheet, including links to Qredo Block Explorer for independent transaction verification. 

The all-new Qredo Station ⛽

Get full visibility over auto-staking earnings and projected fee payments with a cleaner, simpler way to manage your QRDO tokens.

Personalization settings ⚙️

Make Qredo your own with customizable user and Workspace settings, including auto-logout, notification preferences, time zone settings, and personalization themes. 

This is just the beginning of the list of benefits you'll find on the New Qredo platform, and we can't wait for you to jump in and check it all out! 

Be sure to let us know what you make of all the new features, and our support is, as always, standing by to help in case of any issues or questions. You can become more active within Qredo by interacting with us on Twitter! You should also check out our all-new Zealy sprint for the chance to win $1,500 worth of QRDO tokens! 

We thrive on your feedback and have much more coming up in our roadmap to continue making Qredo better with the support of our amazing community! 

Look out for more detailed guides on New Qredo features hitting our blog soon!

Thanks for being part of Qredo – together we're securing the future of digital assets.

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