7 ways to misspell Qredo

Published Jan 7, 2021
By Qredo Team

Qredo has quickly risen from a novel concept to a tangible solution facilitating the rise of institutional DeFi.

Yet while the digital asset industry was quick to recognize the potential of Qredo's trustless implementation of multi-party computation, making sense of our name hasn't come quite so easily — resulting in a few common spelling blunders.

To lighten up the tense volatility of the cryptocurrency market, we present a list of the seven most popular ways to misspell Qredo, courtesy of Google.

1. Kreedo

A phonetic interpretation of the word Qredo. Kreedo leads the way when it comes to misspelled Google searches. The two e’s in Kreedo have also found their place in other misspellings.

2. Creedo

Kreedo’s more anglicized counterpart, Creedo, has found its place on the top of the list of the most popular Qredo misspellings. While the C at the beginning is more true to Qredo’s correct pronunciation, the elongated double “e” sound certainly isn’t.

3. Creedoh

Creedoh is another popular variation of spelling Qredo we’ve encountered. However, Creedo’s more adventurous cousin still falls short behind some of the other comical examples listed below.

4. Kraydoh

Heavily influenced by the beloved children’s toy Play-Doh, Kraydoh is by far our favorite failed attempt to spell Qredo. Nonetheless, aside from the rather aggressive “y” sound, Kraydoh comes surprisingly close to how Qredo is actually pronounced.

5. Kraydo

Those searchers doubting that companies would take their name from Play-doh ditched the “h” at the end of Kraydoh and went with the more conservative Kraydo.

6. Krido

So close, yet so far was Krido; a regular failed attempt to search for Qredo. The shorter but more aggressive “I” sound puts it somewhere near the bottom of our list of favorite misspellings.

7. Craydo

Last but not least is Craydo, which, while ultimately incorrect, presents a very logical way of spelling Qredo. The hard “K” sound at the beginning stays true to the way Qredo’s “Q” is pronounced, but the ‘ay’ fails to capture the clean simplicity of Qredo.