Published Nov 10, 2021
By Qredo Team

Qredo Announces Launch of New Innovation Unit, Qredo Labs

Headed up by cryptographic innovator and Qredo Co-founder Brian Spector, Qredo Labs will focus on exploring new blockchain technologies and their application to Qredo’s growing network for digital assets.

London, 10th November 2021 — Qredo, the radical new infrastructure for the custody and management of digital assets, has announced the launch of its new innovation unit, Qredo Labs.

Part of the lab’s mission will be to deliver Version 2 of the Qredo Network and additional new functionality that will help virtual asset service providers (VASPs) to meet their regulatory obligations.

The Labs team is headed by Chief Product and Technology Officer Brian Spector, who co-founded Qredo with Anthony Foy.

Spector, a recognized technology leader in zero knowledge proof cryptography, spearheaded the development and application of Qredo’s unique implementation of decentralized Multi-Party Computation (MPC). Going forward, Qredo Labs will leverage these innovations to focus on key areas: homomorphic encryption, transaction ordering optimization, distributed consensus mechanisms, and state transition management.

Qredo Labs is a new unit within Qredo Limited, the company that runs Qredo Network before it is fully decentralized and becomes a DAO.

Brian Spector (Twitter | LinkedIn), said “Crypto is a ruthlessly fast-moving domain and it’s on us to make sure that Qredo Network has available to it the best technology, the best ideas, and the best people. The Labs team will build on the radical work done so far and ensure that Qredo Network remains a pioneer in the digital asset space.”

Qredo CEO Anthony Foy (Twitter | LinkedIn), added “Investors of all sizes are recognizing the new paradigm in secure, decentralized custody & settlement that Qredo brings to the cryptoasset space. Qredo Labs will supercharge the Qredo Network roadmap, aligning its future development with the most important technological and cryptographic advances. Exciting times ahead!”

About Qredo: Qredo is a decentralized digital asset management infrastructure and product suite designed to unlock new opportunities for institutional investors in digital assets and decentralized finance. Qredo's Layer 2 blockchain protocol enables users to seamlessly transfer and settle bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC-20 tokens. Assets are secured by Qredo’s advanced Gen 2.0 Multi-Party Computation (MPC), which provides tier-1 bank security and institutional-grade governance.

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