Published Feb 3, 2022
By Qredo Team

One Crypto Wallet: All EVM Chains

Qredo and MetaMask Institutional are now offering groundbreaking new functionality:

Access to all Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchains from a single crypto wallet. 

Funds, traders and market makers can deploy assets to DeFi apps across the whole EVM ecosystem — secured by decentralized MPC, and governed by Qredo’s market-leading signing controls.

Supported chains include Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum, and OKEx Chain, among others.

Bridging the interoperability gap

The crypto market forms a siloed landscape. Each isolated blockchain brims with its own bountiful harvest, which can only be accessed through the related crypto wallet.

So while some traders are busy yield farming on Fantom, and others are testing rapid-fire derivative strategies on Layer 2s such as Abritrum, they have no easy way to cross between different chains and port assets from one to the other — this is particularly the case for institutions that are averse to taking on counterparty risk.

In the last year, this problem has been exacerbated as DeFi activity has spread between more different blockchains: Almost a dozen networks now boast over a billion USD in total value locked (TvL), compared to only Ethereum in February 2021.

Opening new frontiers for institutional DeFi

Qredo and MMI unlock institutional-grade access to crosschain liquidity across the entire landscape of blockchains that share EVM-compatibility.

Why is EVM Compatibility Important?

The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) can be thought of as a decentralized computer which runs the smart contracts that are the building blocks of DeFi applications. As the most popular blockchain-based virtual machine, the EVM powers not only the Ethereum network, but also more than 80% of other popular blockchains.

By connecting all of these EVM chains, Qredo opens up new frontiers for institutional DeFi — unlocking new possibilities for funds, trading desks, and market makers: 

  • Execute trades seamlessly access all EVM chains, from sidechains such as Polygon to Ethereum spin-offs like Binance Smart Chain.

  • Quickly bridge assets between EVM chains, reducing frictional costs and lost opportunities.

  • Edit governance policies over any EVM assets, with signing secured by Qredo's unique decentralized multi-party computation (MPC). 

These features not only broaden the horizons of institutional investors, but could also boost the DeFi ecosystem by bringing new liquidity to smaller and less well-known EVM chains.

How it works

In January 2022, MetaMask Institutional restructured its custodial account architecture, freeing accounts from being locked to a specific EVM network. 

This allowed Qredo's versatile MPC signing to rise to the occasion, and use technology from Ethereum infrastructure product Infura, to provide access to all EVM chains. 

Nodes from Infura allow Qredo to sign and broadcast transactions to any custom RPC URL specified by the user, and freely bridge assets across all EVM chains.

This enables Qredo to provide unrivaled multichain access for organizations.

Get access to all EVM chains from one crypto wallet

Access to EVM chains is provided through MMI-integrated crypto wallets. To get started, register your interest in joining the Qredo and MetaMask Institutional beta.