Qredo and Celestia Wallet Integration Is Here

Published Oct 31, 2023
By Qredo Team

Qredo, a leading provider of institutional-grade digital asset self-custody solutions, announced today their integration with Celestia, the world’s first modular blockchain.  

Qredo will natively support Celestia Network through its enterprise-grade, self-custody Web3 wallet, providing investors, employees, and early adopters a best-in-class custody and trading solution. This will secure token management and provide further utility on Celestia Network. 

Qredo's Web3 Wallets provide a market-leading solution for the secure storage and management of Celestia tokens. Celestia Wallet users gain advanced control over assets and transactions, with custom policies applied and approved conveniently via the Qredo App. This integration will later enable users to put their tokens to work earning rewards through staking Celestia tokens. 

Set up your wallet and explore the Celestia ecosystem!

Set up your wallet now to be among the first to participate in the Celestia ecosystem, leading the way for the upcoming era of modular blockchains. For further information please see Celestia's update on their Mainnet launch. 

To set up your Celestia wallet, secured by Qredo's distinct dMPC technology, simply follow this guide in Qredo’s Help Center

Celestia's innovative approach

Traditional blockchains try to handle many functions, resulting in frequent and intractable scalability bottlenecks.  

Celestia introduces a breakthrough in blockchain architecture by adopting a modular approach. Instead of a single monolithic blockchain, modular blockchains specialize in specific functions, ensuring superior scalability, flexibility, and interoperability.  

Developers can harness this capability to create blockchain applications designed for mass adoption. 

Celestia's unique approach involves decoupling the consensus and application execution layers of their blockchain activity. This innovative design empowers developers to create their own virtual execution environments, akin to virtual machines, opening new avenues for decentralized application development. 

What features will be available in the Qredo x Celestia integration?

Following our integration with the Celestia Network, Qredo is set to launch a series of feature rollouts. Initially, users can anticipate core functionalities such as staking, unstaking, and claiming.  

Over time, we will continually develop further features for this integration. 

About Celestia

Celestia is a groundbreaking modular blockchain network that addresses the core scaling challenges of existing blockchains. By introducing a new architecture that specializes in specific functions, Celestia offers unprecedented scalability, flexibility, and interoperability for Web3 applications. 

About Qredo

Qredo is a leading provider of institutional-grade digital asset self-custody solutions. The company's distributed multi-party computing (dMPC) technology provides a secure and regulated environment for users to store, transfer, and manage their digital assets. 

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