Published Sep 14, 2023
By Qredo Team

Qredo Gets Amongst It at Singapore's Token2049

Qredo was thrilled to be in attendance this year at Token2049 in Singapore, and we had an incredible time hosting events and connecting with some of the leading lights in blockchain technology. 

VIP insights: Qredo's cocktail hour sets the tone

Ahead of the main event, on September 12th, Qredo initiated the Token2049 dialogue with our VIP Cocktail Hour event. 

Gathering around a hundred crypto specialists and key figures from numerous crypto institutions the Qredo Cocktail Hour delved into the potential and need for more secure solutions such as those which Qredo is spearheading.

Qredo's strategic alliances: Shaping the future of cross-chain operations

In a significant move, Qredo seized the moment to unveil its new partnership with Circle and Etherspot, forged to introduce to the blockchain a world's first cross-chain USDC toolkit. 

This integration will allow users to perfectly align their Circle Account with Qredo’s state-of-the-art non-custodial wallet technology.  

Beyond the announcement itself, what captured industry attention was the unveiling of a 'gasless' transaction mechanism, brought to life in partnership with Etherspot and their Paymaster tech, with major implications for the wider DeFi and cross-chain transaction landscape.

Singapore as a crypto hub: Global convergence

Singapore has positioned itself as a focal point in crypto this September. Token2049 ran from 13-14 September 2023, and Asia's prime Web3 and cryptocurrency gathering saw a congregation of over 10,000 crypto professionals, of which an impressive 80% were international attendees. The turnout at this exciting event was excellent, another positive signal for the ecosystem.

An assembly of industry stalwarts

Token2049 saw participation from globally recognized figures, with the likes of Changpeng Zhao of Binance and thought leaders such as Balaji Srinivasan and Sam Altman enriching the discourse, covering diverse topics from AI's interplay with Web3 to the urgent need for enhanced blockchain security infrastructure.

Qredo at Token2049: Driving innovation in blockchain

Qredo's Booth M74 became a focal point for discussions, attracting hundreds of participants. The interest indicated a tangible demand for enhanced blockchain security solutions, especially those catering to the advanced needs of institutional investors.

After2049: The culmination

As the event approaches its conclusion, attendees are looking forward to After2049 on September 15th, set against the scenic Marina Bay Sands. The gathering is set to be a blend of shared beachside insights and the enjoyment of international musical performances as attendees unwind after an intensive couple of days.

Reflecting on Qredo's journey post-Token2049

The week's events underscore Qredo's commitment to developing innovative solutions for secure self-custody, and fostering strategic partnerships in the evolving blockchain sector. We're delighted to have connected with so many amazing projects and look forward to continuing the many fascinating conversations initiated at this great event.

Token2049: More than the sum of its parts

Token2049 might have numbers in its name, but the event itself took us far beyond data points. This year Token2049 represented a convergence of thought, technology, and avenues of future potential, cementing Singapore's stance as a key protagonist in the global crypto narrative.

At Qredo we can confidently say we're delighted we could attend and be part of it.

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