Qredo Integrates Banxa for Fiat On-Ramp

Published Jul 6, 2023
By Qredo Team

Qredo is delighted to announce its integration of Banxa, a leading fiat on-ramp provider, to allow our users to quickly convert fiat currency to cryptocurrencies directly on the Qredo platform.  

This integration aims to provide liquidity and easy access to cryptocurrencies for Qredo users across the globe.

Making secure access to crypto ever easier

Many individual users still face challenges in obtaining cryptocurrencies quickly and rely on centralized exchanges, which can take many hours or even days to set up.  

With our new Banxa integration, Qredo users will be able to buy multiple cryptocurrencies within their Qredo account with a simple click.

A wide range of household-name payment options

Numerous payment methods such as GPay, Apple Pay, VISA, MasterCard, and Ideal are supported as part of our Banxa integration. Our users will now have easy access to buy over 140 cryptocurrencies, and if using VISA or MasterCard, they'll be able to do so from over 135 countries worldwide – whether they plan on simply funding Qredo Wallets, or deploying funds safely and rapidly across Web3.  

A Banxa widget will be available at key points where users may want to top up their balances, such as Qredo Station, and as an option within transfers, deposit requests and Swaps. Please read our Help Center article on Banxa if you'd like detailed guidance on the several ways in which you can use Banxa within Qredo. 

Qredo is continually working on advances for crypto self-custody, making it more secure, scalable and user-friendly to take control of your own assets. 

A key part of this is ease of access into crypto via fiat currency, and with this Banxa fiat on-ramp integration, we are making it easier for Qredo users around the world to purchase, hold and sell digital assets from self-custody. 

– Josh Goodbody, COO of Qredo

Qredo has an impressive track record of innovation across its suite of crypto products, with progressive decentralization at the core of its infrastructure. 

Banxa is eager to contribute to that mission through enhancing accessibility for Qredo's users and making transacting a seamless experience across the platform. 

– Holger Arians, CEO of Banxa

How to sign up for Banxa within Qredo

Signup with Banxa is quick and easy. Once the KYC process is successfully completed, you can select your preferred fiat currency and payment methods. After Banxa receives the payment, the requested crypto tokens will be immediately transferred to your Qredo Wallet. 

This new Banxa integration will simplify the process of obtaining QRDO tokens for paying fees, funding Qredo wallets, and accessing liquidity for the top ten cryptocurrencies, all quickly and within the Qredo platform. 

Have you seen our new platform upgrade yet? It's our biggest release since day one! 

Sign up for an account in just a few clicks on any PC or Mac and check out our new integration for yourself. Once signed up, you'll have access to our Mobile App, too. 

Getting started with Qredo has never been easier. Come join the future of digital assets today. 

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