Qredo Launches Community Governance Forum

Published Jul 13, 2023
By Qredo Team

We are excited to announce the launch of the Qredo Community Governance Forum, a platform where Qredo community members, ecosystem participants, and any interested stakeholders can discuss and collaborate around issues relevant to the Qredo protocol. 

This launch is an important step forward in our journey toward decentralization. The Community Governance Forum – along with a forthcoming Qredo voting platform – will put the future of the Qredo protocol squarely in the hands of our community. 

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Collaborating to build the future of Qredo

The Qredo Governance Forum serves as an interactive platform where Qredo community members can ideate, discuss, and help shape the future of the Qredo protocol. Qredo moderators will monitor these discussions and create informal voting proposals to clarify ideas and gauge community interest. Once approved by the community, these informal voting proposals are further refined into Qredo Protocol Improvement Proposals (QPIPs), which are then subject to an up-or-down vote. QPIPs that win become binding and are folded into the formal Qredo protocol roadmap.   

Through the Qredo Governance Forum, every community member can share insights, propose innovative ideas, and comment on potential developments. The key areas for community input and proposals include governance mechanisms, roadmap prioritization, protocol fee structures, research and development, developer incentives and any other area relevant to the growth and development of the Qredo protocol. Topics for discussion are organized under appropriate categories and the platform structure will be adaptable based on community feedback. 

Community Feedback: QRDO Tokenology Framework and Summary

We are also pleased to let you know that our recently published QRDO Tokenology framework and summary has been posted to the Protocol category on the Qredo Community Governance Forum for community feedback for the next several weeks. We strongly encourage you to join the forum and provide feedback on the proposed evolution of the Qredo protocol.  

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From there, we will post the final QRDO Tokenology report and open another round of community feedback, which will inform the drafting of a QPIP. The QRDO Tokenology QPIP will be the first vote on the Qredo voting platform! 

We also plan to host an AMA to discuss the final Tokenology report, cover any relevant issues or questions, and provide a demonstration of the voting process to ensure a seamless user experience when it comes time to vote on the QRDO Tokenology QPIP.  

Below is a recap of the sequence of events regarding QRDO Tokenology: 

  1. Framework and summary is published. Read it here

  2. Community Governance Forum is launched. Community feedback period on framework and summary on the forum. 

  3. Final report is published. Community feedback period on final report on the forum.  

  4. Qredo Voting Wallets and Platform are made live. Community registers to vote on forthcoming QPIPs. 

  5. QPIP is published. QRDO Tokenology QPIP is made available on the forum and the voting platform.  

  6. QPIP Vote. QRDO Tokenology QPIP vote takes place on the voting platform.  

The Qredo community’s insights and opinions are valued, and your involvement will shape the future of a democratic, decentralized Qredo protocol. Join us as we build the future of Qredo together! 

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