Published Jun 14, 2023
By Qredo Team

Qredo Monthly Update: May 2023

This May, Qredo’s biggest launch yet took place as we brought our entirely new platform, New Qredo, to the world. 

Not to mention so much else that was going on at Qredo this May!

Tech talk 🛠️🧰

The dawn of New Qredo

By innovatively distributing private keys across our robust Layer 2 network, we're following the ethos of blockchain to solve one of the biggest pain points in the industry by removing intermediaries in the custody of digital assets. 

Our non-custodial wallets offer both power and usability, offering you unrivalled control and industry-leading security for all transactions.  

What’s more, our integrations with MetaMask Institutional and WalletConnect open up a world of trading opportunities across a vast range of blockchains.  

With the launch of New Qredo, we're more committed than ever to offering self-custody solutions that serve you, our users, while also setting new industry benchmarks.  

With New Qredo, we're not just changing the game; we're defining it.  

Our biggest tech news came right at the end of an eventful month and the industry stalwart, CoinDesk, broke the news (here and here).  

New Qredo is open to all users right now, and existing users are being upgraded to the platform in the weeks ahead.  

Now is the perfect time to join New Qredo and check out what all the fuss is about!  

Here's to a thrilling May and an even more exciting future with New Qredo! 

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And there's more...

In other news, our COO at Qredo, Josh Goodbody, let it slip on social media that Qredo will now be supporting WalletConnect v2.0, which will be of great interest to individual crypto investors and for anyone who wants enterprise-grade security backing their crypto as they explore the buzzing world of DeFi.  

Qredo remains the strongest self-custody solution on the market, allowing you to deploy your crypto directly from distributed, secure on-chain self-custody. 

Network 🌐

Qredo stats 📊

During a brutal month for the crypto industry in terms of market volume, with overall spot volume tumbling 27% to $439 billion, Qredo has continued to outperform the market with $2.9 billion in volume seen on our legacy platform alone across May. 

For Q2 as a whole, Qredo also looks to be on track to exceed Q1’s total volume of $7.5 billion. As of 30 May, we have already surpassed $7.3 billion in volume.  

Context around performance helps us see things clearly. When you look clearly at Qredo, things look mighty good.  

Partner activity 🤝

A fusion in the Web3 space: Qredo partners with Mysten Labs, integrating with Sui protocol

It's been an electrifying May as Qredo embarked on a pivotal collaboration with Mysten Labs, the ingenious minds behind the Sui Layer 1 blockchain.  

We're thrilled to announce that through this partnership, Qredo will become the first enterprise-grade wallet provider to integrate with the Sui protocol – a leap that signals a new era in Web3 infrastructure.  

As we initiate this integration, beta participants will experience digital asset security and control that is simply unparalleled – and give us feedback to optimize this integration for general release. 

Qredo's distributed multi-party computation (dMPC) empowers users to securely sign transactions across an extensive range of dApps on Sui, safe in the knowledge that threats such as private key theft or loss are effectively mitigated.  

We're making waves in the crypto ecosystem by offering users institutional-grade transactions on Sui right from day one.  

Strap in for an exhilarating ride as Qredo and Mysten Labs collectively push the boundaries of crypto security and accessibility, delivering an unmatched custody solution tailored for the future of digital asset ownership. 

Qredo & CryptoEconLab partnership ushers in a new era of tokenology!

As we reflect on a momentous May here at Qredo, we're thrilled to announce a pivotal partnership with CryptoEconLab, a well-established name in cryptoeconomic services under the Protocol Labs umbrella.  

This synergy isn't just a headline – it's a stamp of quality on a profound tokenomics overhaul for Qredo Network.  

Our collaboration is laser-focused on enhancing token utility, driving powerful economic incentives for token holders and builders, and fortifying our network's overall security as we gear up for a slew of decentralization initiatives.  

With CryptoEconLab's expertise in blockchain research and development, we're primed to refine and implement a robust token economy that harmonizes with our decentralized vision.  

Our revised tokenomics framework, set to be released in the coming weeks, is packed with engaging features including staking pools, protocol fees, enhanced QRDO staking solutions, and rewarding airdrop programs. As we foster a robust, sustainable community, this dynamic partnership paves the way for an exciting, secure, and rewarding Qredo ecosystem.  

Events 💃

Qredo's VP of Sales for APAC Region Dan Burke attended the REDeFiNE Tomorrow 2023 Summit

Our very own VP of Sales for APAC Dan Burke demonstrated his blockchain acumen at the much anticipated REDeFiNE Tomorrow 2023 Summit 

Partnered with Bloomberg, this year's conference served as a global junction for thought leaders and game-changers from every corner of the cryptoverse.  

With our dedication to providing unrivaled, institutional-grade digital asset self-custody solutions, Dan's contributions helped paint a comprehensive picture of what lies on the horizon for Qredo.  

Watch 📺

Welcome to New Qredo! Check out the stunning new features in this quick video tour. 

If you'd like to go a little deeper, our very own COO of Qredo, Josh Goodbody, has some words of wisdom concerning our new platform, right here. 

Join the revolution! 💼

We are growing fast and recruiting for a wide range of different roles. Qredo is a remote-first team that prizes skill, creativity, and collaboration. See if there is a role that suits you or someone you know!  
Qredo open positions  

Qredo in your ear 🎧

Qredo’s growing library of panels, interviews and other great content is now available through our new podcast channels. Choose your favourite site to listen: 

From the blog ✍️

New Qredo platform takes center stage

Our huge May culminated in the launch of the New Qredo platform – a landmark event representing our commitment to pushing the boundaries in blockchain.  

The new platform release showcases the largest feature and functionality uplift in our history, ensuring your digital asset journey is simpler, smarter, and safer than ever before.  

Our New Qredo platform now empowers you with expanded governance, user-friendly workflows, and cutting-edge portfolio management tools, all fortified by the unparalleled security of our distributed multi-party computing technology.  

With New Qredo, you're not just experiencing a product upgrade – you're gaining a steadfast ally in your digital asset management quest, ready to navigate the awesome complexities of the DeFi landscape. 

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Roadmap 🛣️

The fantastic news is that every feature in the “In Progress” section of our Qredo roadmap for H2 concerning the new platform, New Qredo, is now in place! 

Check out the roadmap right here and learn about all the amazing things coming up for Qredo. We have so much around the corner for you that we can’t wait to announce in the weeks ahead! 

Recognition 🏆

HackerNoon spread the word

Excitingly, HackerNoon redistributed our huge news about the successful launch of New Qredo, our all-new platform and user experience. 

You can check out  HackerNoon’s Tweet about New Qredo here, and read their full coverage of the news right here.

DeFi Dad gives Qredo a shoutout

None other than @DeFi_Dad gave our new cross-chain primitive QSign a huge shoutout on Twitter, for which we give him our sincere thanks, and a future-proof high five for having excellent taste. 

CoinDesk leads the call for New Qredo

Last, and certainly most significantly, we very much appreciate that CoinDesk, a crypto site of such stature, saw fit to lead the news on the launch of New Qredo on 30 May.

We want to thank CoinDesk for spreading the word about our New Qredo platform and the story of why we are here – to bring enterprise-grade distributed secure self-custody on-chain, and to make this available to everyone.  

Together we’re building the future of digital assets. You’re making it happen by being part of it. 

Community update🪢

We had tons of action for the community through May, with numerous AMAs and events on Twitter Spaces. 

The Farmers’ Market kicked it off on 3 May, with @enzymefinance, @SpoolFi, @holyheld, @AdrianoFeria and more participating in the conversation alongside @QredoNetwork. 

Unraveling cross-chain possibilities in our QSign AMA

In May, we stepped into the future of crypto with our QSign AMA, shining the spotlight on our brand-new cross-chain crypto primitive.  

Pioneering the future of DeFi, this innovative product was unveiled alongside a developer preview and demo, eliciting a wave of enthusiasm. It was also very well received by developers when we showcased it at Consensus in Austin, Texas. 

The power of QSign lies in its potential to streamline multi-party computation and promote secure digital asset transactions across blockchains.  

Our AMA showcased how we are not only redefining cross-chain interoperability but also setting new standards for security in blockchain. With QSign, we're ensuring that our users are always at the forefront of DeFi evolution. 

A new alliance emerges: The Mysten Labs x Qredo AMA

We also took to Twitter in May for an engaging AMA session that marked our newly minted partnership with Mysten Labs. This AMA offered an enticing glimpse into this alliance, getting an electric buzz from the community as we previewed the beta.  

By uniting with Mysten Labs, we're further fortifying our commitment to provide our users with top-tier solutions that ensure the safe and efficient handling of digital assets. Together, we're forging a future where blockchain is more secure, efficient, and accessible than ever. 

Reimagining security: Qredo sparks discussion on the future of hardware wallets

A topical question captured the crypto conversation on 18 May: "Is this the death of hardware wallets?" After Ledger's attempt to "upgrade" their product with a Recovery service received understandable backlash in the community, they did eventually pause and promise to open source the proposed upgrade, but it has left users less sure than ever of how to safely secure their own assets.  

Qredo hosted an interactive Twitter Spaces event to delve into this poignant question, stimulating thought and fostering debate. We dissected the current state of hardware wallets, delving into their limitations in the face of rapid technological advancements in the blockchain space.  

As pioneers in the field, we're excited to be challenging the status quo and presenting solutions that protect self-custody without requiring that the individual user or institution also protect their means of access, such as their private keys.  

Through distributing keys in shards across the network, Qredo distributes the solution for secure on-chain custody – a solution very in keeping with the spirit of decentralized finance, where networked verification is seen to free communities, individuals and economic structures from the chokehold of legacy systems and the control of centralized entities. 

Through these provocative conversations, we're shaping the future of DeFi and reinforcing our commitment to providing secure self-custody of digital assets for all. 

At the heart of crypto: CeFi meets DeFi in Cryptio’s “Future of Finance” webinar

Our VP of Strategic Partnerships, Ben Whitby, took the digital stage this 31 May to share his insight and expertise in an enlightening webinar hosted by Cryptio 

Covering the critical topic, the coexistence and interplay of CeFi and DeFi, the event sparked engaging conversations as Ben spoke with legendary industry experts from Global Block News, Maple Finance, and @AdrianoFeria. 

The financial world is undergoing a metamorphosis, with blockchain technologies and digital assets carving out new paradigms. As Qredo pioneers these shifts, we are thrilled to be at the forefront, engaging with fellow crypto enthusiasts, institutional investors and curious onlookers alike.  

A defining month for (New) Qredo

May 2023 has been a monumental month for Qredo, with the launch of our groundbreaking New Qredo platform taking center stage.  

As we usher in a new era of self-custody solutions and redefine the game, we're proud to have partnered with innovative collaborators like Mysten Labs and CryptoEconLab and to have explored new functions such as QSign with our growing developer community over at Qredo Labs. 

The buzz surrounding our platform is palpable, and we're excited to see how we can continue to shape the future of digital asset management. As we look forward to the future, we invite you to join us on this incredible journey and discover the unmatched security, control, and opportunities that New Qredo has to offer. 

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