Qredo’s Next Generation API Now Live

Published Dec 12, 2023
By Qredo Team

Qredo is thrilled to announce the launch of their revamped API suite, engineered to drive programmatic web3 access, built on robust foundations of dMPC and on-chain governance.  

In the dynamic web3 landscape; new chains, protocols, smart contracts and assets demand institutional-grade connectivity to interact with. There is a pivotal balance to strike between the need for stringent asset custody and the necessity for flexible programmatic access to web3. 

With its revamped API suite, Qredo is addressing these challenges and has created a versatile toolkit that not only mirrors but also expands upon the functionality of the Qredo Web App, allowing for a more comprehensive and efficient way to custody assets programmatically and interact with web3. It is built upon three guiding principles: Uncompromising Security, Web3 Connectivity & Resilient Scalability. 

Unlock new possibilities with Qredo’s Next Generation APIs! 

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Uncompromising Security

Abstract private key risk with dMPC generated wallets 

At the core of Qredo’s self-custody solution lies the integration of its dMPC protocol with on-chain governance, ensuring a foundation of robust security and immutable control. Qredo dMPC nodes work collectively together to provide a public key and signature functionality without ever possessing or materializing a private key.  

Govern transactions through immutable on-chain policies 

The initiation of the dMPC protocol and any signing action is controlled by on-chain policies. An approval threshold is first defined when creating a wallet. There is no limit to policies or the number of approvers, and they can be flexibly applied to wallets. Policies are written on the Qredo chain, ensuring their immutability. Nonetheless, policies can be updated if the set threshold is achieved.  

Control multiple API key permissions with role separation 

API keys can be assigned discrete roles to enable a least privilege framework. Specific approver API keys can be added to transaction policies. Upon a governance event, detail-rich notifications are presented to facilitate business' approval logic. 

Govern transactions using human-readable web3 data 

Users can choose to program their own approval logic based on these data sets that can enable even more fine-grained control. Websockets allow programmatic actors to approve or reject transactions based on their decoded metadata. 

Permissioned interactions to addresses & smart contract via whitelists 

Users can opt for the built-in whitelisting functionality. This can be enabled to implicitly deny any destination addresses that are not authorized.  

Regulate IP ingress traffic using Qredo’s API firewall 

Via the API key firewall, access to specific hosts or network ranges can be locked down, which further fortifies the API connectivity. 

Web3 Connectivity

Connect to any EVM chain & interact with all supported asset classes 

From asset custody and transfers to sophisticated smart contract interactions – there are no limits to possible use cases. Qredo's Web3 APIs enable users to interact programmatically across all EVM chains and all asset classes while benefiting from the dMPC security layer. Users can choose to automate anything from simple send transactions, deploying and managing smart contracts, message sign actions, to sophisticated trading strategies across multiple protocols and asset types.  

Resilient Scalability

Dynamically set up & manage your workspace, provision wallets, policies & other resources on-demand 

Qredo’s revamped API suite enables users to set up their custody environment fully programmatically. They support dynamic provisioning and seamless management of wallets, ensuring a versatile and secure operational structure for users and developers alike.  The addition of new workspace members, API keys and policies can be managed programmatically and does not result in any cumbersome wallet address changes. 

Set your own gas controls or have Qredo set them, choose your preferred broadcast settings 

Based on their preferences, users can choose to work with default parameters such as gas fees and offboarding the transaction broadcasting to Qredo, or they can choose custom settings and take control of the broadcasting themselves.  

Full and semi-automated governance 

Users can choose the automation level for their approval policies anywhere from 0% to 100% of programmatic vs human approval actors in their governance policies. 

24x7 Self service and on-demand 

Via REST API calls users can roll out their solutions and can change any setting, any time.  

To discover the full potential of Qredo’s next generation APIs and begin leveraging its capabilities, connect with the Qredo team.  

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Qredo is a leading provider of institutional-grade digital asset self-custody solutions. The company's distributed multi-party computing (dMPC) technology provides a secure and regulated environment for users to store, transfer, and manage their digital assets.