Qredo Opens First Community Governance Vote

Published Aug 9, 2023
By Qredo Team

It is with immense pleasure and excitement that we announce the commencement of our first-ever community vote.  

From today, August 9th, 10 AM UTC until August 11th, 10 AM UTC the Qredo community will have the opportunity to vote on Qredo Protocol Improvement Proposal 0 (QPIP-0): Community Governance Guidelines. This proposal seeks to officially adopt and implement guidelines which outline a comprehensive and transparent process for community decision-making on the Qredo Community Governance forum. 

Cast Your Vote

Community Governance Guidelines: A Closer Look

The Community Governance Guidelines serve as our protocol's constitution, defining how decisions are made and who makes them. Its four-stage process ensures every QRDO token holder has a voice: 

  1. Ideas & Discussion: All members of our community are invited to contribute ideas and proposals for open discussion. 

  2. Preparatory Voting Proposals: Ideas that gain traction progress to this stage, where they are formalized into voting proposals. 

  3. Token Holder Consensus: Proposals are moved to Snapshot for an up-or-down vote by QRDO token holders. 

  4. Qredo Board Ratification: Proposals that have reached consensus are then reviewed and ratified by the Qredo Board, providing full legal standing to the results. 

The essence of QPIP-0 is empowerment. It serves as a testament to our commitment to democratizing the network’s future trajectory, promoting greater involvement from our community members in decisions that shape our platform. For a detailed understanding of these guidelines, we invite you to review the full Community Governance Guidelines text in the corresponding forum section. 

Voting Now and Ahead

Remember that voting for QPIP-0 is now live and will be open until August 11th. As voting has begun, no new Snapshot members can join in on this vote. However, this should not dishearten anyone who missed this opportunity. QPIP-1, the next vote on a new Tokenology for QRDO is scheduled for next week. We encourage all QRDO token holders who have not yet joined Snapshot to do so in preparation for this monumental vote. QPIP-1 will be shared on the Governance Forum for the community review prior to the vote.  

The vote on QPIP-1 will be instrumental in determining the future of our token system and Qredo's economic model. The stage is set and it's time to raise the curtain on our community-driven evolution. 

As we march forward, one vote at a time, we can't help but feel inspired by the collective power of our community. Together we are shaping the future of Qredo Network.