Qredo Update 4/10/21

Published Oct 4, 2021
By Josh Goodbody, COO Qredo

Josh Goodbody is Qredo COO. Previously he was Huobi Global's General Counsel before going on to lead and scale Binance's European business. Twitter  |  LinkedIn

Dear Qredonians ❤️

As a team working on both a decentralized protocol and an open source project (we tick both boxes!), our North Star is the principle of transparency.

For this reason, I’m holding myself accountable for writing these blogs on a more frequent basis. The aim is to give you a bitesize overview of recent events, and insight into what’s cooking for the weeks and months to come.

Last Week’s Partnerships 🤝

Showcasing two of many upcoming partnerships last week was such a pleasure.

The team continue to work tirelessly to build and incubate these partnerships, and we are kicking things off with a bang:

  • First, we announced our partnership with Hex Trust. In my view this is one of the most forward thinking digital asset custodians in the space. It is one of the only firms to have received approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and is building an excellent product within one of crypto’s highest growth regions. We are looking forward to giving their users access to an increasingly rich Network of products and participants.

As an aside, from day one our team have built Qredo to be institution-ready; seeing the first of many top calibre custodians leveraging decentralized custody and settlement for their clients makes us even more bullish about the power of our institution-grade cross-chain infrastructure!

  • We also announced a partnership with X-Margin. Darshan, Matt and the team are superstars. They are building the gold standard in borrowing and lending technology, and pioneering privacy preserving credit calculations using Functional Encryption. Truly ground-breaking stuff on its own, but combined with Qredo’s custodial and settlement stack you’ve got the recipe for something special. Stay tuned.

Community Feedback 💬

We always have our ears to the ground and I can’t thank you enough for the feedback we’ve been receiving via our Twitter and Telegram channels.

A few things have caught our eye and we are making these items a priority:

  • Qredo Block Explorer. We are building an easy-to-use block explorer, enabling anyone to check out Qredo Network activity.

  • More Assets!

  • We have lined up 20 more ERC-20s which we will be releasing shortly; and

  • Algorand will be released shortly on Testnet

  • QRDO Vesting Wallet Improvements. Your vesting schedule will soon be visible from within your QRDO vesting crypto wallet.

Auto-Staking Programme 💸

September’s Auto-Staking Programme has now completed, and we plan to distribute these staking rewards on October 5th.

Remember, this is a prelude to full crypto staking, so we are in feedback gathering mode. We envision the crypto staking programme to become competitive and more akin to a marketplace, where validators can offer their staking services to any user on the Qredo Network.

Announcements of Announcements 🎙️

Earlier last week we dropped a teaser for a “big DeFi” announcement, then we had to delay it. An announcement of an announcement can be a bit annoying. We hear you.

Sometimes, we can’t contain our excitement about what we're building.

Regardless, this announcement is happening on Tuesday October 5th. How big a deal is it for us, and for DeFi? We'll leave that to your judgement.

As always, please keep giving us your feedback, and you can always say hi to me @JoshGoodbody.


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