Qredo Update 12/10/21

Published Oct 12, 2021
By Josh Goodbody, COO Qredo

Josh Goodbody is Qredo COO. Previously he was Huobi Global's General Counsel before going on to lead and scale Binance's European business. Twitter  |  LinkedIn

Dear Qredonians ❤️

Whoa! — last week saw a flurry of activity and announcements:

MetaMask Partners with Qredo 🤝

On Tuesday October 5th, we announced our strategic partnership with MetaMask Institutional. These guys are the real deal -- they have built the leading DeFi Crypto Wallet and Web3 gateway in the space, and the MetaMask Institutional product is going to unleash the next wave of institutional participation in DeFi. Read more

The Bitcoin Alliance in El Salvador 🇸🇻

We were delighted to announce our commitment to crypto innovation in Latin America -- forming the Bitcoin Alliance with our partners from the Open Banking Project, API3, and Sovryn.

We will be working in close collaboration with Banco Hipotecario, a national bank of El Salvador, with an aim to accelerate the democratization of Bitcoin electronic payments and help Salvadorans enjoy the benefits of digital and decentralized financial services. Read more

Auto-Staking Programme Rewards 💸

On Wednesday October 6th, we paid out over 100,000 QRDO to more than 17,000 participants -- wow!

Our October crypto staking rewards are accruing now, so do keep your QRDO in your Qredo Wallets to enjoy this.

When Listings ⁉️

You want more listings? We’ve got you covered. Our mantra is quality over quantity, and we have a few gems to announce shortly.

We do want your feedback though -- specifically on DeFi marketplaces. Do you want to see more of them? Our Uniswap Pool has grown from strength to strength (with average daily volume of close to $1m and $2.3m TVL), so it seems like there is real demand for this.

Margin Trading 📈

We’ve received, as have some of our exchanges, massive demand for margin trading. MEXC was the first to enable this on Monday October 11th, with more of our existing exchanges launching it soon!

As always, thanks for the feedback we’ve been receiving via our Twitter and Telegram channels. You can also say hi to me @JoshGoodbody.


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