Published Aug 16, 2021
By Qredo Team

Welcome to the first season of the Qreed! 

The focus of this season is to spread the word about Qredo across the cryptoverse using high quality content put together by our community. Ideally this content will educate its viewers about Qredo’s unique advantages, how we operate, and what we aim to achieve. We want to hit the ground running and leave a lasting impression with the industry to cement our place at the forefront of innovation.

To achieve this we have created four distinct tasks for this season for you to be able to contribute towards. The details are as follows:

1. Social media

This task will be solely on Twitter.

Ambassadors participating in the social media task will craft two unique posts about Qredo per week and like and retweet each Qredo post made on twitter. 

At least one of these must be a normal tweet. The second can be a reply to a non-Qredo account. More posts are encouraged but not required.

Each unique tweet should contain the @QredoNetwork tag as well as relevant hashtags to the content.

For example:

  • If discussing Qredo as a Layer 2 solution #Layer2

  • If discussing decentralization #Decentralized #Decentralization

  • For more examples please review this document

Week 1 reporting form


200-1000 Followers - 5 stakes

1001-3000 Followers - 10 stakes

3001 - 10000 Followers - 15 stakes

10001+ Followers  - 20 stakes

2. Video content 

This task will require you to make a unique educational video about Qredo. This can be done in your native language if permission is given.

Examples of content we are looking for includes:

  • Basic crypto wallet guides including how to set up and transact on the network

  • Explanation about multi-party computation (MPC)

  • Explanation of the Network layers

  • Discussion around what Qredo aims to achieve

Must be at least 2 minutes long and must include links back to the website/other related content in the comment section. It must also reach a minimum of 100 views to be considered.

Video submission form


Poor  - 1 stakes

Average - 20 stakes

Good - 40 stakes

Outstanding  - 100 stakes

3. Written content

This task will require you to create a unique piece of written content about Qredo. This can be done in your native language if permission is given. The focus of this content should be on showcasing Qredo’s strengths, how we operate, and clearing up misconceptions about positioning, competitors, and competitive advantage.

All content must hyperlink back to Qredo and/or related material.

Written content reporting form


Poor  - 1 stakes

Average - 20 stakes

Good - 40 stakes

Outstanding - 100 stakes

4. Visual content

This task will require you to create visual content that can be used within the community to easily disseminate information or be used for marketing/social media. Ideas for contributions include:

  • Infographics about the Qredo network (Network structure, a onepager on Qredo, etc)

  • Memes

  • Sticker packs

Visual content reporting form


Poor - 1 stakes

Average - 15 stakes

Good - 30 stakes

Outstanding - 80 stakes

5. Bonus 👀

Exceptional content and contributions will be rewarded with a  share of 10,000 QRDO which will be discretionarily distributed by the Qredo team to high performers in each category and more.

General rules

  • All content produced must be original work, not plagiarized in any way (This includes visual content).

  • Anyone who plagiarizes material will immediately be banned and removed from The Qreed.

  • Anyone who receives a poor rating is unable to enter the same category in future seasons.

  • All participants must be a part of The Qreed telegram channel.

  • All participants must sign up to a Qredo wallet using the same email they fill submission forms with. Multiple entries from the same user are not allowed, if this is discovered it will result in a permanent ban from The Qreed.

The most outstanding contributor to each category will be recognized as Captain who will then be able to lead category activity in the proceeding seasons. There are additional rewards to incentivize performance as a Captain.

Remember you are ambassadors of Qredo, your efforts should reflect as such :)


The season will last for 6 weeks beginning on 16/08/21 and ending on 27/09/21.


There are 30,000 QRDO allocated for rewards during this period. 
20,000 QRDO will be distributed among stake earners and 10,000 will be distributed as bonuses to outstanding contributors to the program.


The QRDO tokens you are rewarded with will be distributed to your personal Qredo wallet. 
If you need to sign up for a wallet you can do so here.

You must sign up for a Qredo wallet with the same email you fill enter into your submission forms. If you do not use the same email address you will not receive your reward.

This video will walk you through the steps if it is your first time. And as always feel free to ask for assistance from the team or your fellow ambassadors!

If you have any question please ask us in The Qreed telegram channel 😁