Published Sep 26, 2022
By Qredo Team

Introducing Qredo Ventures

Qredo is strengthening its commitment to creating a resilient digital asset ecosystem by allocating resources where they are needed most. 

As a company, we have been busy developing our own Qredo apps and building out network functionality. But we are also looking to foster the development of complementary projects that can grow alongside us and feed back into our own evolution.

For this reason, we're launching Qredo Ventures. 

Our vision is to build a vibrant economy by supporting projects building both inside the Qredo ecosystem — within our secure decentralized custody environment — and in the broader digital asset ecosystem that lies beyond, connected to various parts of our tech stack such as the cross-chain Layer 2 network. 

To achieve this, Qredo Ventures is looking to back serious builders who believe in our vision and want to work with us. These are likely to be early-stage companies with compelling ideas and great products that leverage what we have built, and could operate in sectors as diverse as DeFi,  corporate treasury, or Web3 infrastructure. The common denominator we are looking for is a clear idea of how to work with Qredo.

Although we are selective with our investments, we are highly supportive post-investment. Just as Qredo is building with a 100-year mindset, Qredo Ventures is seeking teams that take a similar approach or that enable such endeavors to be undertaken. We fully intend to act as a strategic partner to these projects; whether that means prioritizing technical support for specific tokens, sparking conversations with critical new business connections, or simply providing the infrastructure needed for secure self-custody. This is because we are a unit within a start-up and understand firsthand the challenges of building a great product or solution.  

Indeed, we have some of the best investors in the industry and fully intend to support our portfolio projects in the same way we ourselves have received support. We believe this creates a virtuous cycle that can only be better for the digital assets industry at large.

While this moment marks the official launch of Qredo Ventures, this is not a cold start. We have been working on our go-to-market strategy over the last few months, and have already deployed capital to several significant investments. One of our portfolio projects, for instance, gives us access to an up-and-coming African blockchain ecosystem with big backers and a long waitlist for their mobile application. Another has set out a clear way of working with our upcoming solutions, and is also using Qredo Network for treasury management. Yet another in the pipeline gives us a presence in an under-served  blockchain ecosystem with no real custody support as yet. Each of these well-placed investments brings new opportunities and relationships that create a ripple effect of reach.

If you think your project fits our criteria and could be our next investment, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Otherwise, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest announcements.

— Qredo Ventures