Web3 Wallets: A New Era for Crypto Custody

Published Sep 15, 2023
By Qredo Team

The evolving landscape of Web3 continues to generate amazing new tools and platforms. Qredo is proud to be at the leading edge of this curve with products such as our Web3 Wallets, shaping the way institutional and retail investors become aware of and interact with decentralized protocols. 

Redefining crypto portfolio management

Private keys are a perennial pain point in the world of crypto. The risks and uncertainties surrounding both hot wallets and cold storage solutions have been significant barriers for many, even deterring some from diving into the crypto sphere.  

Qredo's solution? On-chain custody enabled by distributed multi-party computation (dMPC) technology, a solution which is able to close out many of these single points of failure whilst maintaining users' self-custody of assets. With Qredo, you don't just manage your portfolio; you protect it. 

Beyond holding: Access to the vast world of dApps

With Qredo's Web3 Wallets, the universe of decentralized applications (dApps) on EVM blockchains becomes far more accessible. From interacting with yield-generating protocols to swapping tokens, or diving into the world of NFTs – Qredo ensures a seamless, low-friction experience without the constraints and risks of browser extensions or cumbersome cold wallets.

Customized access via MetaMask Institutional & WalletConnect

Every investor has their unique approach in the varied world of DeFi, and Qredo is aligned with this in its very design. Whether you favor MetaMask Institutional or prefer WalletConnect, Qredo Web3 Wallets have you covered. Dive deep into the Ethereum ecosystem, customize your DeFi transactions and how they are governed and secured, all protected by the power of dMPC custody.

The brilliance of dMPC: Decentralized security reimagined

Unlike traditional crypto wallets, where a single geographic point could become a security vulnerability, Qredo's dMPC ensures that no private key is ever isolated. This intricate system distributes transactional computations across a network, making unauthorized access virtually impossible.

Qredo x MetaMask Institutional: A match made in DeFi heaven

For professional investors eyeing DeFi, the collaboration between Qredo and MetaMask Institutional is really transformative. Not only does this partnership provide compliant access to Web3, it also significantly reduces the risks around private key storage.  

This is about making Web3 interactions effortless, yet watertight in security terms. Read more about Qredo's MMI partnership here. 

Qredo x WalletConnect: Elevating dApp accessibility

WalletConnect's open-source protocol, fused with Qredo's robust self-custody and transaction controls, lock together to comprise a new era of heightened security and convenience.  

This powerful integration promises lower on-chain costs, since transaction approvals are recorded on Qredo's Layer 2 blockchain, solving the existing challenges of most multi-sig solutions. Learn more about WalletConnect with Qredo and get started using this powerful integration in minutes.

The future of crypto custody is already here

Investors, institutional and individual, need crypto tools which are not just state-of-the-art but also bring true confidence to users, providing world-class security to protect your digital assets within your own custody. 

Qredo's Web3 Wallets feature the most advanced dMPC technology. Coupled with these robust integrations with leading Web3 platforms like MetaMask Institutional and WalletConnect, Web3 Wallets offer users a profound leap forward in crypto portfolio management and blockchain security. 

Open your Web3 Wallet with Qredo today and embrace the future of decentralized finance with secure conviction. 

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