Case Study: GlobalBlock

GlobalBlock's Remarkable Journey in the Digital Finance Realm.

GlobalBlock, a premier brokerage company, pioneers in the digital financial world. With its experienced financial services professionals leading the way, it has grown significantly since its inception in 2018, driven by its core principles of security, service, and transparency.

GlobalBlock's journey so far 

GlobalBlock was established in 2018 by financial industry veterans. Their vision was clear: to provide unmatched brokerage services to retail and corporate clients interested in the cryptocurrency landscape. In three years, they've achieved organic revenue growth nearing $5m. This success led them to get listed on TSX: V in Canada in 2021, though they reverted to being a private entity in 2023. 

With the integration of cutting-edge technology, GlobalBlock now offers a trading app and a unique trading widget. This not only lets users trade cryptocurrency and fiat effortlessly but also seamlessly integrates Qredo users to mainstream exchange liquidity. Plus, their GB10 product offers clients an effortless way to invest in the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap. 

The challenge

 As GlobalBlock grew, the need for a more comprehensive solution became evident. Initially, a single individual managed cold devices and hot wallets. This presented significant risks, from a single point of failure to potential security threats. This called for a more robust solution to manage the increasing complexity and scale of operations.

Qredo: A secure foundation for growth 

The introduction to Qredo came early for GlobalBlock and the decision was straightforward: they needed a solution that was cost-effective and prioritized security. Qredo, with its distributed infrastructure, stood out against other more centralized solutions on the market. 

Implementation with Qredo was a smooth journey, evolving with GlobalBlock's requirements and providing ongoing feedback to refine the product further. 

A great integration in action

With Qredo's platform, GlobalBlock's operational team could initiate and confirm payments swiftly and securely. Their distributed multi-party computation technology ensured that multiple team members could approve transactions, eliminating the risk associated with possessing a single point of control. This not only bolstered the company's internal security but also enhanced the transparency of their day-to-day operations. 

The seamless integration of Qredo into GlobalBlock's operations has enabled them to serve their clients to a continually high standard of security, including many high-net-worth individuals and corporations. 

Tangible benefits: 

With Qredo, GlobalBlock has realized several notable outcomes:  

  • Peace of Mind: Potential vulnerabilities linked with single points of control were systematically eradicated, guaranteeing a more secure and transparent crypto transaction journey. 

  • Enhanced Productivity: The distributed infrastructure of Qredo has amplified internal transparency and streamlined various processes. 

  • Setting the Bar: While having a competitive edge is pivotal, collaborating with Qredo has navigated GlobalBlock towards establishing industry-standard benchmarks, emphasizing elite security protocols. 

  • Liquidity Access: The integrated technology of Qredo provides GlobalBlock with unparalleled access to liquidity, a critical factor in ensuring smooth transactions for clients. 

"Qredo enables GlobalBlock to successfully manage digital asset custody, which is key to our client offering as well as internal holdings. The evolving functionality and support of their team have been key to delivering our service to clients." 

David Thomas, Director of GlobalBlock 

The future won't wait  

As GlobalBlock and Qredo continue their partnership, they're setting new benchmarks in the brokerage world. Their combined expertise promises revolutionary changes in the blockchain domain, ensuring enhanced security, transparency, and myriad opportunities for clients as they continue to redefine the frontiers of blockchain-based brokerage. 


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