Case Study: Maple Finance

How Maple Finance Is Transforming Operations Using Qredo.

  • Maple Finance is an on-chain debt-capital marketplace, where institutions connect to capital opportunities. 

  • Maple Finance combines traditional credit due diligence and compliance with the efficiency and transparency of blockchain technology. 

  • Founded in 2019, Maple Finance launched in 2021. Since then, over $2bn in loans has been originated on the platform. 

  • Maple Finance’s marketplace consists of a diverse range of institutional lenders exploring cash management solutions, as well as opportunities to lend to real-world and cryptocurrency businesses. 

Maple Finance's story

Maple Finance launched in 2021 and has emerged as a leader in on-chain institutional lending. Their mission is to make debt-capital markets more efficient, accessible, and transparent by providing credit professionals with the infrastructure to start and scale lending businesses on-chain. 

Among their standout offerings are Maple Direct which provides secured digital asset lending opportunities and cash management, providing on-chain firms with a go-to treasury management solution. 

To date, Maple has served over 1,500 lenders, as well as 87 institutional borrowers from 15 lending pools where over $2 billion in loans has been originated by professional underwriters. 

Maple Finance's challenge

To facilitate lending and borrowing from pools on their lending platform, Maple Finance needed a robust custody platform that could establish, store, and manage pool transactions. Their objectives were crystal clear: 

  • Security: Maple Finance sought unmatched market security without compromising operational efficiency. 

  • Governance: Maple needs the ability to fine-tune controls over transactions within their pools' smart contracts and establish different roles. 

  • Web3 Integration: The goal of enabling its users to gain rapid access to the wide world of Web3 simply and securely was always an important one for Maple Finance. 

The Qredo solution

After thoroughly researching the market, Maple Finance's search led them to recognize Qredo as a reliable and longstanding participant in the blockchain ecosystem, serving numerous institutions with secure distributed custody solutions. 

  • Security beyond measure: Qredo's leading role in creating secure solutions for on-chain custody with their highly innovative distributed multi-party computation (dMPC) technology resonated with Maple Finance's progressive vision of blockchain. 

  • Transparent, flexible governance: Qredo's commitment to empowering its users with highly customizable governance makes them a perfect fit for Maple Finance's strict requirements for transparency. This includes policies over team access to assets, and a dedicated Viewer role for auditing purposes. 

  • Web3 Wallets: Fully integrated with market-leading solutions for Web3 access such as WalletConnect, Qredo Web3 Wallets offer a robust, direct and user-friendly solution for accessing the wider world of DeFi. 

Onboarding of Maple Finance to Qredo's services was rapid and hassle-free. The team was able to set up Workspaces and Portfolios, as well as integrate WalletConnect all in under 15 minutes.  

The Maple Finance and Qredo partnership

Qredo's commitment to Maple Finance has been unwavering, characterized by close ongoing interactions between both engineering teams.  

By leveraging Qredo's pioneering decentralized multi-party computation technology, Maple Finance has achieved its goal of embodying first-rate security and operational efficiency. All pools on Maple Finance make use of the technology, so Maple themselves as well as the teams running the pools can benefit from the service. 

Qredo's unique dMPC solutions ensure the safe custody of digital assets on their distributed Layer 2 network, simplifying Maple Finance's pool management process through Web3 Wallet integrations such as WalletConnect. 

Qredo users can access Maple Finance directly through the self-same Web3 infrastructure they use to deposit and earn yield from Maple. 

Furthermore, Maple Finance has made great use of Qredo's governance framework, allowing smarter governance of transactions within their pools. The intricate interplay of a range of parties thanks to Qredo's infrastructure has ensured smooth operations while satisfying compliance and transaction management at a high level. 


Following its integration of Qredo infrastructure, Maple Finance has enabled: 

  • Self-service simplicity: The company is now able to effortlessly create Wallets, Portfolios, and Workspaces for its users. 

  • Speed and seamlessness: A boost in operational speed and efficiency has been evident, raising the bar for Maple Finance's service delivery. 

"Qredo's platform gives us the security and operational efficiency we need for important transactions within our ecosystem. We're excited to see Qredo continue to develop their platform with their recent platform upgrade and look forward to further new features that continue to help Maple Finance and the ecosystem scale." 

– Joe Flanagan, Co-founder of Maple Finance 

The road ahead for Maple Finance and Qredo

The synergy between Qredo and Maple Finance serves as a shining exemplar of innovation, security, and efficiency in the financial custody and governance space.  

If you'd like to find out more about Maple Finance and how they're redefining debt-capital markets visit their website, or contact the team directly right here. 

Qredo and Maple Finance are united in their vision and poised to redefine the future of blockchain-based finance, promising technological advancements in security, and new opportunities for professional investors and the broader financial sector. 

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