FEES & SERVICES (Fusion Technology Services Ltd.)

Fee schedule 

You agree that your use of any of the services provided by Fusion Technology Services Ltd will be subject to the payment of the below fees in accordance with the Fusion EULA.  

Activities for which you will be charged fees: 

We will charge you fees for carrying out external withdrawals and smart contract calls.  

  • “External withdrawal” means each transaction where you make a transfer to any address that’s not a part of the Qredo ecosystem. 

  • “Smart contract call” means each transaction where you deploy assets from a Qredo Wallet into a dApp, 

each referred to as a “Transaction”. 

How much do I pay? 

Your fees must be paid in Qredo Token (QRDO),Tether (USDT), or USD Coin (USDC). If you choose to pay your fees in QRDO we will apply a 15% discount to the fees payable for each Transaction.  

Fusion employs a Pay As You Go (PAYG) fee model - you only pay for the billable Transactions that you make. 

  • Minimum fee: $1 per Transaction 

  • Maximum fee: 1% of the asset sum per Transaction 

As your total amount of traded volume increases, the fee cost per Transaction decreases. This decrease in the cost is calculated based on the total USD amount traded over the 30-day period prior to and including the day on which the Transaction is carried out (the "Trading Period").  I.e. if a Transaction was carried out on 30 November 2023 the Trading Period would run from 1 November to 30 November inclusive.  

Transaction Volume over Trading Period (calculated in USD $) Fee per Transaction (% of Transaction value) Fee per Transaction (calculated in USD $) Fee per Transaction when paid by you in QRDO (calculated in USD $)
1,000,0000.0447% 447379.95

How do I pay? 

Your fees will be taken directly from Gas Station. If you do not have sufficient QRDO,  USDT or USDC in your Gas Station you will not be permitted to carry out your Transaction. 

Activities for which you will not be charged fees:  

  1. Fusion never charges fees for internal transactions - Making transactions that don't involve external wallets and exchanges is free of any charge. Additionally, you will never be asked to pay any initial setup fees, annual subscriptions, or deposit charges. 

  2. All transfers within the Qredo ecosystem are considered non-billable. 'Transfers' means: 

  • Transfers and swaps between Standard Wallets on Qredo; 

  • Withdrawals from Standard Wallets to Connected Wallets; 

  • Transferring assets between Connected Wallets; and  

  • Transferring assets from a Connected Wallet to a Standard Wallet. 

List of Services

You agree that your use of any of the services provided by Fusion Services Ltd which are described in this section will be subject to the terms of the Fusion EULA. The services provided by Fusion Services Ltd are:  

  1. All versions of the Qredo iOS and Android Signing Application. This is our mobile device application which facilitates the secure signing of actions within the Layer 2 Qredo Network (the "App");  

  2. All versions of the Qredo Web Application. This allows you to view addresses and information that are part of the Crypto Asset networks. These are made accessible via the internet at https://qredo.network (the "Web App");  

  3. All versions of Qredo Network including the User MPC Instruction service. This enables you  to create broadcast messages and transactions on blockchains and distributed ledger technology (DLT) (the “MPC Network”);  

  4. All versions of the Layer 2 Qredo Network. This captures and records the state of asset ownership within the network using a distributed immutable ledger (the "Layer 2 Qredo Network");  

  5. All versions of the Qredo Messaging Platform. This  allows network members to communicate securely (the "Messaging Platform"); and

  6. All additional services available from time to time via the Web App, including but not limited to APIs, SDKs and additional software services.