Qredo is an open protocol for delivery and payment of digital assets

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We serve forward thinking visionaries in global capital markets

Institutional Investors

Remove exposure to counterparty risk

Eliminating wallet pre-funding

Stop digital asset theft

Exchanges & OTC Desks

Attract a new class of Institutional customers

Future proof security that stops digital asset theft

Fast & verified payments that mitigates counterparty risk


Extend your custodial services to offer real-time trading opportunties

Opportunities for your clients to earn a yield over assets held in custody

Enhanced approval and compliance process

Trading Technology Platforms

Eliminate wallet pre-funding for your customers

Enable arbitrage trading across venues and chains

Rapid Partner API integration

Qredo leverages the latest breakthrough in MPC

(multi-party computation)

Eliminate wallet pre-funding

Increase capital efficiency and profitability without funding multiple exchange wallets

Eliminate wallet

Zero exchange and counterparty risk

Trade without counterparty solvency or delivery risk

Zero exchange and
counterparty risk

Automated Proof of Coin

Automated workflows for Proof of Assets and Proof of Solvency recorded on an immutable audit log

Automated Proof
of Coin

Instant cross-chain settlement

One view for all your capital in custody, in transit, or in settlement across any digital asset pair

Instant cross-chain

How it works

Qredo is a layer-2 network for delivery and payment of digital assets, secured using patent-pending software, FIPS validated and Common Criteria certified hardware.

Our network is deployed on hardware hardened infrastructure hosted in Tier 4 data centres in financial capitals globally: New York, London, Chicago, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

The infrastructure accelerates any blockchain to achieve near instant digital asset delivery without counterparty risk.

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