Published Jan 5, 2023
By Qredo Team

Qredo Launches WalletConnect Integration For All

Qredo has launched its new integration with WalletConnect, an open protocol for accessing decentralized finance (DeFi). 

The integration provides a convenient way to deploy digital assets into DeFi, backed by the powerful governance and security of Qredo's decentralized custody

Using the integration, individuals and institutions can:

Access hundreds of dApps across dozens of blockchains

Qredo's integration with WalletConnect v1.0 supports any EVM-compatible chain, unlocking access to almost the entire world of DeFi and NFTs. 

Connect by simply scanning a QR code

No need for insecure browser plugins, clunky APIs, or additional software. Simply scan a QR code to establish a secure connection between crypto wallet and dApp. 

Secure signing activity with decentralized MPC

Transactions are signed through your own custom governance secured by decentralized multi-party computation (MPC) — removing the risk of private key theft or loss. 

"Qredo's WalletConnect integration offers a complete DeFi and NFT package for individual traders and organizations — from DAOs to crypto funds and growing investment teams. All of these players can benefit from tapping into trading, lending and crypto staking strategies from the most secure form of custody available."

— Qredo COO Josh Goodbody

What is WalletConnect?

WalletConnect is an open protocol for secure communication between Wallets and Web3 apps. 

On WalletConnect, messages between dApps and crypto wallets are secured in an end-to-end encrypted channel. WalletConnect cannot see any part of the communication. 

Combined with Qredo's decentralized transaction signing and secure governance, this brings new levels of security to DeFi.

How to use WalletConnect with Qredo

WalletConnect is currently only available to organizations, but anyone can create an organization.

Once you have an organization, you will need to create your WalletConnect wallet.

From there, simply navigate to your chosen dApp, connect with a QR code, and deploy assets directly from Qredo by following these simple steps:

  1. Open a Qredo account and download the Signing App

    Available for Android and iOS.

  2. Open a DeFi app

    Navigate to the website of your chosen application.

  3. Open WalletConnect in Qredo

    Open your Qredo Wallet, and go to WalletConnect.

  4. Scan QR code to connect 

    Click the dApp's WalletConnect button and scan to connect. The dApp can then send transaction requests to your Qredo Wallet for you to manually approve.

  5. Deploy assets 

    Execute your DeFi strategy directly from your Qredo Wallet, secured by your very own custom governance and approval policies.

Ready to experience the power of Qredo x WalletConnect?

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