Published Apr 27, 2023
By Qredo Team

Qredo Previews QSign: New Cross-Chain Crypto Primitive

27 April 2023 — Today, Qredo is thrilled to announce its technology preview of QSign – a cross-chain primitive that will allow Web3 developers to generate, sign, and broadcast data and transactions between different blockchains. Qredo is asking developers for their feedback to inform and shape QSign's future development.  

Using Qredo's distributed multi-party computation technology, QSign establishes an unprecedented level of security for cross-chain communication standards by reducing the many risks involved in managing centrally stored private keys.  

Web3 developers using QSign will be able to interact with assets and applications across different blockchains, connect to other blockchains and control numerous assets. They will be able to safely and reliably unlock market liquidity on chains, build secure cross-chain applications, and achieve open, permissionless blockchain interoperability.  

QSign can help to realize the full potential of blockchain interoperability, enabling cross-chain use cases such as distributed bridges, interchain AMMs, lending protocols, and cross-chain smart contract wallets. 

Using QSign, developers will be able to programmatically generate cryptocurrency addresses on different blockchains, and then remotely control that address from their contract, generating and broadcasting signed transactions to move funds or interact with other contracts. 

A new crypto primitive, QSign stands alongside emergent blockchain tech developments such as Account Abstraction and will be easily integrated into smart contracts with ready interfaces. 

We've created a dedicated channel, #QSign, in the Qredo Discord server, and we encourage developers to ask questions, give feedback and help us shape the roadmap for QSign together. 

Further information can be found on the Qredo website and in the Qredo developer documentation.

QSign is perfectly aligned with our mission at Qredo to bring secure, reliable self-custody to the entire blockchain ecosystem. We invite developers to test our technology preview, share insights and use cases, and actively contribute to shaping this ground-breaking new crypto primitive.  

– Gabriele Farei, Chief Product Officer at Qredo

About Qredo

Qredo is a leading provider of institutional-grade digital asset self-custody solutions. The company's distributed multi-party computing (dMPC) technology provides a secure and regulated environment for users to store, transfer, and manage their digital assets. 

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