Qredo enables Virtual Asset Service Providers to easily comply with the Travel Rule by identifying other VASPs and securely sharing transaction data

Reduce the burden of compliance

Qredo-powered transactions bind compliance data to the assets being transferred, eliminating the need for cumbersome reconciliation processes.

Never receive toxic assets

Quarantine allows transactions to be automatically approved or rejected, ensuring VASPs are never exposed to toxic assets.

Plug straight into existing systems

The Qredo API enables compliance operations to be integrated with existing software and scaled to meet enterprise needs.

The world’s only in-band Travel Rule solution is here

Qredo is the world's only Travel Rule solution that reduces the burden of compliance and gives VASPs the power to block transactions

One solution for all virtual asset service providers (VASPs)

Quickly adapt to new regulatory requirements

“As the regulatory landscape continues to shift, digital asset businesses will need flexible compliance solutions to accommodate changing obligations. Qredo's unique model of distributed multi-party computation provides a future-proof foundation to enable the architects of the new digital economy to comply with the Travel Rule, and to quickly adapt to new regulatory requirements."

Ben Whitby
VP Strategic Partnerships and Regulatory Affairs, Qredo

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